Sunday, 27 January 2013

3 cocktail bars I recommend in Hong Kong

3) Angel's Shares

Ok not really a cocktail bar but rather a specialist whisky bar instead. But the bartenders there got some really fun and interesting whisky base cocktail. Try the foie gras manhattan as your pre dinner cocktail. Whisky infused with foe gras juice then age in a little container before the usual manhattan ingredients added to create a rich and complex taste. Or try the house whisky sour for a sweeter and mellower taste.
The famous whisky barrel
Some rare Japanese Whisky

While you are there do not miss out the chance to try their house special: whisky straight from the barrel. The bar rotate whisky barrel from Scotland to offer something truly special. On my visit it was a Highland Park 16 and it just tasted so much different to the normal bottle strength. Not as peaty as expected and was very sweet with layers of different flavours.
This is well worth a visit for Whisky and whisky base cocktail fans.

2/F, Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Rd, 
Central, Hong Kong

2) Mo Bar @ The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

One of the most glamour bar in Hong Kong bring social drinking to a new high with well crafted bespoke cocktail and freshly made ingredients with stunning d├ęcor in the heart of the busy central district. 
The code of Mo bar:
Syrups, macerated fruit and infusion are made in-house
All fruit juices are squeezed fresh daily
No flavoured vodkas unless distilled with real fruit

This really guarantee your cocktail as fresh as it can be without all the artificial colouring and food flavourings which you find far too often this today's world. The concept of the cocktail here are using both classic and modern cocktails adding a bit of eastern twist, but without going overboard. On the menu you can see the use of ginger, Chinese herbs, lemon grass and such. And ideal place for a after work drink to refresh both of your palate and mind.
Mo bar

15 Queen's Road Central, The Landmark, 
Central, Hong Kong

1) Quinary

Antonio, the co owner and head bartender of Quinary, created one of the most talked about cocktail venue in Hong Kong in 2012. 

The multi senses approach inspired by El Bulli's food science methodology has really taken cocktail to a whole new level. The signature: Earl Grey Caviar Martini is a treat to your palate, but what impressed me the most was the Oaked Havana, the aged rum resting in mini barrel with the ingredients created such a smooth, complex and elegant cocktail. This is a cocktail that can impress a seasonal whisky or rum drinker, a gentleman's cocktail, I wished I had a cigar with me at that point!
Chocolate caviar martini

Bartenders in action at Quinary

Go to Quinary for a fun and interesting cocktail experiences, you won't be disappointed.

56-58 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    Wow amazing post and photos, I love cocktail parties. It is really an honor to be part of an event like this…

    1. Thanks for your comment Margaret! If you love cocktail I suggest a trip to London, one of the best city for it. Hong Kong is playing catch up right now!