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Tasty Comfort food

Byron might been around in London for a while but I never had the chance to try it. But after a recent meet up with some close friends and they cant stop raving about how good the burgers were, well... there is only one way to find out!! Off I went to one of the Byron in Soho to try their famous burger.

Arrived on a busy evening but managed to get a table pretty quick, ordered a craft IPA before my food order, good beer + burger = the perfect comfort combo! I really appreciate some restaurants are putting on a good menu of craft beer because trust me, the different to your everyday mainstream larger is massive. You just get so much more malt, hop, flavours and aroma, I think it is well worth it for the £1 different.
Maui Brewing big swell IPA

So on to the food, I had the classic Byron burger with Dry cure bacon, mature Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce while my friend had a seasonal roquefort burger. Gosh the medium rare Byron burger was outstanding! The bun was nicely done, the Scottish beef was packed with meaty goodness, moist and juicy, the sauce and salad dressing was at the right balance, unlike Meat Market which was like a burger version of the Titanic sinking in the deep sauce.... 
Byron burger
Medium rare:p

The onion ring was also great, nicely seasoned with herbs and good battering. However one thing that kind of bothered me was at the end when I ordered a glass of Knob Creek 9 years old bourbon and the waiter brought it in a shot glass!! I am bit of a whisk(e)y fan so to see a nice aged whiskey presented in such format I was a bit shocked! 
Onion rings & roquefort burger
Knob Creek in shot glass :o

Apart from the shot glass incident I thought the service was very good, friendly and efficient just as what this types of restaurant need. Byron produces quality burgers, nicely showcase how simple food can be so great, I agree with Byron's statement: Proper Hamburgers! I will return.

Food 5
Service 6
Ambience 5
Value 8

£20 per head

Byron at the Intrepid Fox 
97-99 Wardour Street
LondonW1F 0UD

Byron on Urbanspoon

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