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Foxcroft & Ginger

Sit back and enjoy

Foxcroft & Ginger is an all day causal dinning spot in the heart of Soho, I went there for dinner on a Friday evening and what an interesting found, the dinner menu is all about sharing here, small tapas sides using fresh & local ingredients. This is becoming an emerging trend in the British culinary scene, not only you are getting the freshness and all the essence from the ingredients, you are also supporting the local farmers and the sustainability of our environment... I can go on about this topic all day but the fact is:
The quality of raw produces is the foundation to any plates of good food.

Anyway back to Foxcroft & Ginger, the food here are mostly British with a European twist. First we had a fennel and carrot soup with sourdough crumbs, a classic combination making good use of the mild sweetness from the fennel and carrot, nice hint of spices aroma came through from the fennel. The soup wasn't overly thick and it worked well with the crunchy sourdough crumbs to add another layer of taste and texture, a good execution of classical favours.
 fennel and carrot soup with sourdough crumbs

Next: Beetroot tatin, salted caramel and herb salad. It was a very interesting dish taking out the tart elements and replaces it with refreshing seasonal greens. I thought the beetroot was cooked at the perfect level, not overly soft, the natural sweetness and earthy flavours of the beetroot juice had a big contrast with the salted caramel and I wasn't sure if it worked. It was a very rich dish and perhaps it would be better with less beetroot and more salad to create a more balance harmony.
beetroot tatin, salted caramel and herb salad

This was followed by foie Gras & venison terrine, onion jam, sourdough bread. It was a nice mixture of rich flavours, The robust venison took the central stage in taste with the sweet onion jam soften up the texture, you can just taste the foir gras at the end on the back of your palate on the finish, it was very enjoyable and a nice concept indeed. 
foie Gras & venison terrine, onion jam, sourdough bread

Then comes the star of the day: Venison rump, smoked onion puree, marrow butter. It was moist, juicy and tender, beautifully cooked at the right level. The marrow butter was also top notch, not too rich with the earthy undertone really shined with the meat and the onion puree. This dish can easily appear in a high-end restaurant without question, it was brilliantly executed.
venison rump, smoked onion puree, marrow butter

Last dish of the day: Pork croquette, pea puree and relish. This reminded me a lot of Barrafina's ham croquette, the croquette was nicely fired, pea puree was smooth with the relish gave it just a dash of bitterness and sourness, nicely balanced but personally I would prefer just a touch of more seasoning on the pork meat.  
pork croquette, pea puree and relish

No room left for dessert. (As usual!) I must say I was impressed with the food in Foxcroft & Ginger, some really fun and creative elements within the meal. Good to see they are taking on some classical recipes and develop them with a modern twist while maintain the essence of the original form. The reasonable price, lay back and relaxing atmosphere are also a plus about this place, this is the kind of ideal place for a group of friends just to sit back and sharing plates of wonderful food.... and at the end of the day, eating out is all about enjoyment and bringing people together.

Food 6
Service 5
Ambience 6
Value 8

3 Berwick St, Soho, London

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