Thursday, 30 January 2014

Harry Brompton's Ice Tea and Briska Cider

Harry Brompton's Ice Tea

I have always been a fan of ice tea, nothing beats a home made ice tea with a slice of lemon on a hot summers day. But when its comes into buying one on the high street, I just couldn't think of any decent brands at all, they all taste far too sugary with artificial flavouring which leaves me a bad taste in my mouth. So when I attended the Yelp's time travelling ball and discovered there is a new alcoholic Ice Tea in the market, I showed great enthusiasm to have a taste and oh boy what a great discovery.

Made in London in small batches, with black tea sourced from Kenya’s Great Rift Valley and hand crafted distilled spirit in the mix, it proved to be a winning formula. The ice tea had a rich essence and herbal aroma with layers of flavours while the grain spirit within added a nice depth and dryness. It was such a treat to consume it ice cold with a slice of lime, the gluten free profile is also a big plus. I can also see it works wonders in a long drink or in a cocktail, the possibilities are endless.

Briska Craft Cider

I am sure we are now all familiar with the term "craft beer", but craft cider is something I am yet to encounter. Hand crafted in small quantities to ensure the highest quality, Briska is a Swedish craft cider born in Ă–sterlen, south of Sweden. According to their website, the Kiviks Musteri family has been operating the cider production since 1888 and the technique has been passed down by generations.

I first tried out their pear cider, as I used to drink a good amount of Kopparbergs, I was kind of benchmarking it but it turned out to be a no contest. The nose of the pear was very natural and refreshing, the taste was very crisp, light and fruity, but at the same time not overly sweet and no bitter after taste like I would find from other cider brands! I then gave their pomegranate cider a taste and it was just as good. It had a great balance of sweetness and sourness, lovely fruity aroma and taste thanks to the all natural content. In Briska, I thinks I just got myself the official choice of summer cider.

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