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Tim Ho Wan

Dim Sum specialist

Tim Ho Wan was probably the most debatable restaurant when one of its branches was awarded a Michelin star back in 2011. As the dim sum joint in more of a cafe/ fast food setting, with hardly any space between each table and where you're most likely to be rushed out as soon as you've finished your food, it is easy to understand why it caused a bit of a stir to foodies and media alike. I've eaten at one of its branches last year and returned to the Michelin rated one at Shan Shui Po as all the service madness aside, the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan is real value for money.

Tim Ho Wan

The bbq pork in baked buns was as good as I remember it, it was baked perfectly with a golden colour without being overly crispy, the bun was soft and held up the sweet bbq pork beautifully with that savoury sweetness really delivered to the palate. Shrimp wrapped in bean curd skin, a dim sum classic was well done, the bean curd skin was thin like paper and absorbed the oyster sauces nicely to offered a very moist texture, the shrimp itself also benefited from the stock which the steaming process sealed all the flavours together. 
bbq pork in baked bun
Shrimp wrapped in bean curd skin and
steamed beef balls
spring rolls

The best dish was the steamed talons with abalone sauce, the seasoning was spot on, just enough black bean and spicy notes without being overboard, lovely texture on the talons with a great balance of delicate flavours from the abalone sauce. Steamed beef ball with bean curd skin was the weakest dish on the evening, it was of a decent standard and I failed to detect much difference when I compare the same dish to other similar priced Chinese restaurants. For dessert we opted for the steamed egg cake, it was light and fluffy with a very lovely sweet and creamy taste to it.

talon and pork ribs pot rice
steamed talons with abalone sauce and
steamed egg cake
the bill

The dim sum quality at Tim Ho Wan was indeed at an excellent level, with no premium ingredients involved, it is fair to say that dim sum is as good as it can get in that price bracket, for sure there are better quality dim sum elsewhere but usually at a more premium price tag. Simply put: You are getting amazing value for the price you are paying for. If queuing up isn't your cup of tea, I advice you to go visit for evening as traditionally dim sum are eaten at breakfast or lunch so it would be less busy at evening time. 

Food 3/5

What I paid: 
£5 per head with tea

Average cost without drinks and services :
£4 - £9

various locations

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