Saturday, 22 March 2014

Honest Burger Portobello

Brew burger time

After a good number of burger adventures for two years across London, with a few extra pounds added on my weight, Honest Burger is still the best and the undisputed champion in London when its comes into great British burgers. So what can they do to take it to the next level? Well well well, they came up with the idea with an independent craft brewer, Brew Dog to create a burger called "brew burger". Using craft beer in the cooking process and this just sounded too good not to try!
brew time baby!

I failed to get a seating at my usual Soho joint as it was far too busy, but I was determined to try the brew burger and visited the Portobello site on another day and it was surprisingly easy to get a table right away. I ordered the new item on the menu pork scratchings first, but wasn't impressed, it was very inconsistent where some parts was very crispy while other parts were like rubber.
tribute burger

But the brew burger was really special.... the beef patty as expected was moist and full of richness, the smoky bacon blended in perfectly with the sweet ComtĂ© cheese. The beer fried onions in the mix, made with Brew Dog's Punk IPA was robust and peppery and together with the BBQ reduction was truly a beast to die for. The beer: "Bourbon Baby" was a really well picked match to go along with the beer, lovely vanilla and toasted flavours.
Brew Dog's Bourbon Baby
Brew Burger

The Brew burger was a total success, both in taste and marketing, and how can we forget those amazing rosemary chips, well seasoned with lovely herbal aromas. Honest Burger these days is such a popular burger joint and should you wish to try, but hate waiting like me, my advice is to visit the Portobello road branch as according to the waiter, it is their less busy joint. 

Food 6
Service 3
Ambience 3
Value 9

£16 per head with a beer

189 Portobello Rd Greater London, UK W11 2ED

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