Monday, 16 March 2015

L'Autre Pied

A great value set lunch

chalk stream sea trout, apple tapioca, cucumber, grapefruit

Usually a meal at a Michelin restaurant in London would set you back about £100 per person after you've factored in drinks and the service charge which is rather pricey, and also considering the fact you might not enjoy the cooking which means it can be a massive risk. To avoid such issues, I usually try out a restaurant's set lunch menu first to determine if it is worth me going back before a more premium option such as the tasting menu.

Roe deer compote, celeriac, onion and juniper
scallop, eel and squid

I had the deer compote as my starter and it was a very interesting dish, the presentation was almost like a ravioli with the celeriac offering a crisp texture. The intense and rich flavour of the Roe deer matched the semi bitter and aromatic juniper nicely. Second course of scallop with eel showcased some real richness, the scallop was finely seasoned with the squid cracker adding a lovely depth of salty and crispy texture. I was in love with the rabbit loin and breast, it was really tender and settled, perfectly cooked. And the sweetness of the carrot and the smoky element of the bacon greatly enhanced the delicate taste of the rabbit. 

haddock, broccoli, quinoa, crab kuzu
rabbit, carrots, smoked bacon and lettuce

The set lunch at L'Autre Pied was amazing value for money, for under £40 to have a 3 course meal of such a high standard was a real bargain, not to mention the good portioned sizes too. I had dinner at the same restaurant not long ago and it cost me three times more but in terms of quality it wasn't massively different. There are number of Michelin restaurants in London that does real good value set lunches such as Launceston Place and La Trompette and these lunch deals are well worth exploring if you are keen to experience high level cooking at a reasonable price.

Food 4/5

Executive chef: 
Andy Mcfadden

What I paid: 
£35 per head with water

Average cost without drinks and services:

Lunch menu: £29
Tasting menu: £75

5-7 Blandford St, London, W1U 3DB

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