Monday, 23 March 2015

The Woodstock


chicken breast & mackerel

Woodstock is a brand new Japanese bar near Bond Street station that serves grilled Kushiyaki skewers with decently priced draft and bottled beer. I was a big fan of Bincho Yakitori in Soho before it was closed down, so this new Izakaya pub is a welcoming opening as few things can match well grilled Japanese skewers with a pint of beer in the summer. The menu is very short as you would expect from a themed restaurant, after all, I'd rather have a restaurant that does a few things properly than a restaurant that does too many things and spreads itself too thinly. But sadly, the food I've tried at The Woodstock was just very ordinary.

tonkatsu & courgette
beef fillet
soft shell crab

Beef fillet skewers were cooked medium rare but not enough smoky flavours and at £9.60 for two tiny pieces of skewers, it was just far too expensive. Just as bad was the chicken breast which was far too dry and lacked seasoning. The deep fried items were better, the courgette tempura was light and fresh and can rival any other courgette fries around London. The soft shell crab was also decent, very rich and moist but at £8.50 for one crab, it was not value for money. Overall, I would say Woodstock is a decent place for a pre-dinner drink and snacks but definitely not somewhere that you can sit down to have a full meal, the portions are tiny and not enough carbohydrates items so it would be difficult to get full. 

Food 1.5/5

What I paid: 


Average cost without drinks and services:


11 Woodstock Street, London, W1C 2AE

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