Friday, 6 November 2015


Vietnamese rolls


For some reason, it appears Vietnamese is the next hot food trend in London, especially with three brand new Vietnamese restaurant opening within a month. Instead of sticking to a more traditional root (such as Cay Tre and Song Que Cafe), these new restaurants all have some kind of contemporary elements added to its USP. One example is Fold in Brick Lane, are championing its rice paper rolls, stuffed with fresh herbs, vegetable, cold vermicelli and meat or seafood. 

panko rice paper platter
squid lollipops

The Panko rice paper platter contained a selection of rolls, the freshness cannot be questioned, all the ingredients combined so magically together and these are the kind of dishes I can eat all day long. Squid lollipops didn't work for me at all, as the texture was far too mushy and flavour-wise, it isn't too different from a pack of frozen squid balls you can get from Chinatown. Hanoi chicken pho on the other hand was very comforting, the lovely chicken aroma reminded me so much of home, not overly rich, the broth had a great balance of savoury flavours and the pho itself was smooth and silky.

Hanoi chicken pho
pulled beef

My meal at Fold was pretty solid, I really enjoyed the rice paper rolls especially. As one of the founder used to work in an ad agency, not to my surprise, the branding of Fold is modern with trendy feels to it. Whether it starts from the menu design, arrangement of the tables to the decor of the space. To me it almost feel like it is already setting itself ready to become a chain operation for the future, which isn't such a bad idea as I can see the potential in its rice paper rolls concept, provided if they can keep up the consistency of its dishes, with some luck and good PR.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£11 pp

Average cost without drinks and services:

£20 pp 

204 Brick Lane London, E16SA

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