Friday, 9 June 2017

Blacklock City

Meat is good

All in!

Blacklock, a meat specialist had just expanded recently. After gaining rave reviews from the media and packing out almost every night, it had launch a second Blacklock in The City, offering a similar menu. Unlike the first Blacklock in Soho, you can book! Which is such a relief, as getting a table is not easy in the area. The other difference between the two is that Blacklock City had a few of its unique food offering, with starters and some big cuts that specially designed for a single diner.

Pre chop bites
Roasted sweet potato

The classic house offering: The "all in" is basically an upperclass version of a mixed grill, containing a number of fine cut of chops, such as pork loin and sirloin. It also comes with 3 mini canape size bites. I especially enjoyed the egg and anchovy bite which had a creamy and intense taste of oily flavour. Out of all the chops, the winner had to be the lamb cutlet, bold in aroma, moist in texture and impactful in taste. I could happily have had another 10 of those. I also got the chance to try the rib eye, which was simply wonderful, seasoned to the perfect level, tender and blessed with rich and bold taste, the quality was as good as Goodman's.
Charred courgette
Rib eye

With the soft launch offer, the menu came to £25 with plenty of drinks, normally you will be expected to pay £20 per person. I actually enjoyed Blacklock City a lot more than the Soho joint. With bigger space , the service was also spot on, which was impressive considering I dined at its soft launch period. To sum it up, a fantastic meat joint at an affordable price, you can't go wrong with Blacklock. A must visit place for any serious meat lovers.

Food 3.5/5

What I paid: 

£25pp with cocktails

Average cost without drinks and services:

13 Philpot Ln, London EC3M, UK

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  1. The Sunday lunches at the Soho branch are so tasty! And huge!!