Sunday, 3 February 2019

Park Chinois

The king of Chinese cuisine in London

Native Lobster, Vermicelli Noodles, Scrambled Eggs

After trying out most of the top end Chinese restaurants in London, it is fair to say that Park Chinois is clearly above the rest. Put the glamour and nightclub elements away, if we are just focusing on the food, it is really exceptional. And I am wondering why the hell it has not yet reach Michelin star status. Not only the cooking is clever with a modern touch, but Park Chinois is also committed to source really high standard ingredients to offer exceptional Chinese fine dining quality cooking. I am back at Park Chinois for the fourth time for a special celebration, knowing that without a doubt, something spectacular will be waiting for me.

Kai Mayfair

Chinese fine dining in Mayfair

Roast rack of veal with soy reduction

Kai Mayfair has been around for over 10 years now, one of the few Chinese restaurants in the UK that has a Michelin star. The fine dining restaurant is headed up by chef Alex Chow, the cooking is mostly based on Nanyang style but with plenty of modern and regional Chinese cuisine elements. As a holder of the Michelin star for 10 years straight, Kai clearly has got its consistency right. There are not a lot of great quality Chinese restaurants in the UK at the fine dining level so I was interested to see what Kai can offer as we are slowly witnessing more and more Chinese restaurants opening with the rise of interest in Chinese regional cuisines.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine London

Traditional high-end Cantonese cuisine

Silver cod baked in soy

Over the last couple of years, London has been flooded with oversea Asian concepts. From Monga Fried Chicken, Din Tai Fung to Jobilee. Imperial Treasure, from Singapore, also launch its very first restaurant in London and targetting Paris for the coming year. The concept of Imperial Treasure is fairly simple, it is all about traditional Cantonese cuisine but at a refined level. The group has over 20 restaurants back in the Far East, with the Hong Kong site landed a Michelin star for the last 2 years. I was not overly impressed with I dine at the Hong Kong site back in January, and I wonder can the London site make a difference considering the menu is so similar.

Chinese Cricket Club

Neo Oriental flair

Located in the City inside the Crowne Plaza hotel, Chinese Cricket Club is somewhat a unique Chinese restaurant in London. It is not your typical Cantonese style restaurant you would find in China Town, and from a price point of view, it is more premium but far from to the level of fine dining. Foodwise it offers a range of regional Chinese cuisines, from Huaiyang, Sichuan to Cantonese, at the same time the menu is clearly also influenced by British Chinese with the like of crispy duck appearing. Showing the restaurant needs to also tailor for diners that are used to the classic UK Chinese offering.