Monday, 27 May 2013

Patty & Bun

What is the big deal?

Probably one of the most blogged about burger joints in London since its opening, Patty & Bun is a fast food venue just north of Bond Street station and it is common to see big queues flooding to get in at during busy lunch and dinner hours, thanks to raving reviews from bloggers and media. So off I went to check out Patty & Bun to see if it really warrants all the hype.

This was actually my second visit, on my first, I had the house burger Ari Gold cheeseburger and I just found it rather average, so wondering if it was just an off day I went there again to try other items on the menu. Arriving on a busy evening, as expected we had to wait over an hour before we managed to get a table. I had their "2 Stac Shakur" burger special this time around. Which contain double patty, double cheese, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, aioli pickled onions and sautéed onions with a pot of fried shallots on the side. I am a bit of an onion lover so I was delighted to see such a burger plus double the meat = double the fun!
"2 Stac Shakur" burger

So... what can I say? The bun, onions and salads were actually done pretty well, nice depth of flavours and the sautéed onion really added a hint of sweetness and mild robustness onto the palate. But! The patty itself was a let down, it was tasteless and it had a rather odd texture within, a lack of seasoning and just tasted really bland, just not what I expected for a £10+ burger.
Smokey Robinson burger

Chips were also bit of a disaster too, overly dry and again, lacked the flavours from what I had from my first visit, very inconsistent and it just seemed like the kitchen couldn't cope to deliver the right level when busy. The confit wings were the saving grace of the day, well marinated, the sweet and smoky flavours were fast food at its best and just left you wanting more.
confit wings and chips

In the end, Patty & Bun just doesn't live up to the expectation of what I was hoping for, how can the patty be of such a low level when the patty is suppose to be your main selling point? Service also was a real mess, you can see the frustration on the front of house staff when the orders are flooding in. Two of them even ended up arguing at each other with inappropriate language at one point, come on... you just can't do that in front of the customers. Hard to understand why Patty & Bun are getting such hype, I guess its become such a trendy place now, some people go there to convince themselves it must be good regardless of the end result, what a pity.

Food 3
Service 2
Ambience 3
Value 3

£16 per head

54 James St, Marylebone
London, UK W1U 1EU

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