Sunday, 11 November 2018

VEA Restaurant & Lounge

Chinese fusion cuisine in style

Roasted sea cucumber, flowery crab, egg white, 22yrs hua diao wine

Fusion is not easy to get it right, there are so many fusion restaurants out there but few managed to lay down a marker and become truly a household name. VEA is somewhat a success story, the 1 Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong is renown for its creative approach in fusion Chinese and French cooking, located on the top floor of a skyscraper in Central with an open kitchen. Chef-owner Vicky trained in some of the very best kitchens in the world, including the then 3 Michelin starred Daniel in The USA. At VEA, using his western fine dining experience, Vicky has come up with a unique concept of making Chinese dishes with an innovative western refinement, aiming to create a special dining experience with a storytelling factor about Chinese food.

China Tang Landmark

Top-level Chinese fine dining in Hong Kong

Steamed crab claw with rice wine

Not to get mixed up with the China Tang in London inside the Dorchester hotel, China Tang Landmark is a fine dining Chinese restaurant located in the busy business hub in Central, Hong Kong. The interior of the venue really stands apart with its art deco design by Sir David Tang, China Tang Landmark is all about modern Chinese cooking, using the very best ingredients from around the world. Headed up by chef Albert Au, who is the youngest ever Chinese chef to gained 3 Michelin stars when he was at The Eighth restaurant in Macau. Albert now is the group executive chef for Chinese cuisine at Lai Sun Dining, a respected restaurant business with a selection of high-end restaurant brands such as the 3 starred 81⁄2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana and China Tang.

Jardin de Jade

Refined Shanghainese cuisine in Hong Kong

Stemmed crab sticky rice, wrapped in lotus leaf

I rarely return to a restaurant in Hong Kong as I have limited time and there are so many restaurants on my wish list, so unless it is amazing value for money or exceptional in taste, I would not bother. Jardin de Jade, the 1 Michelin starred Shanghainese restaurant fits the bill for me, I got nothing but love for Shanghainese food, and I really enjoyed my first encounter at Jardin de Jade, not to mention the price is not all that expensive for a high-end restaurant in one of the most prestige districts in Hong Kong. For my second visit, I went in a large group and had the chance to sample most of its signature dishes on the menu.

Peking Garden

Fine Beijing cuisine in Hong Kong

Peking Garden

I am a massive fan of Beijing cuisine, besides the famous Peking Duck, there are plenty more exciting dishes from the capital of China. Beijing cuisine is all about rich taste with the use of top fresh ingredients, as it has greatly influenced by the Chinese imperial cuisine; the empire's kitchen for the royal family, which was also based in Beijing. Peking Garden was open in 1978, renown for its popular Peking duck and is now a household name in Hong Kong, loved by the locals and many rated as one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong. It has since expanded into a mini-chain, the flagship store in Central is located within the luxury Alexandra House shopping mall, and it has been awarded a Michelin star for 3 years since 2016.

Kam's Roast Goose

King of Cantonese roasted meat

Kam's Roast Goose

Whenever I visit Hong Kong, Cantonese style roasted meat has always been high on my agenda to try. While there are plenty of Chinese restaurants in the UK that also offer Cantonese roasted meat, the quality is just not the same. Also, the really special roasted meat, which is the goose, it is just not possible to get hold of it in the UK. So what is the big deal about Kam's Roast Goose? It is one of the most popular roasted meat joint in Hong Kong, you will see a long queue every day no matter if it is a Monday or a Saturday, it is also one of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants in the world, with a meal can cost less than £10. It is a very casual restaurant with a no booking policy, and you would be expected to pay up and leave as soon as you are done eating.