Monday, 12 September 2016


State of the art 

Azurmendi's greenhouse

A trip to Bilbao can not be complete without visiting the highly praised restaurant: Azurmendi. A fine dining restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars and awarded place no.16 from the World's 50 Best restaurant in the 2016 edition. The cooking is modern Basque in essence, with a touch of creativity and flair. The restaurant also has multiple gardens to grow its own produces as well as a vineyard. What is fun about Azurmendi is that guest won't be taken to the dining from the start, instead, they will be taken to the kitchen with canapes and welcome drink followed by a visit to its greenhouse to sample more snacks first.


Luxury fine dining, Basque style 


When I was doing my research on where to dine in Bilbao, Etxanobe really stood out for me, the 1 Michelin starred restaurant has a really impressive dining room, with a strong modern art influence as well as a lovely outdoor terrace which oversee the city. Located inside the Euskalduna Conference Centre, the cooking is a blend of traditional Basque cuisine with a creative and playful twist. Diners can choose between a la carte or the chef's tasting menu. The first thing I have noticed is the heat warming welcoming from the waiters on our arrival, from leading us to the table on the terrace followed by a greeting from chef- owner Fernando Canales, it all made us feel really special.


Prime ingredients tasting

Spider crab in corn stew

Mina is a Michelin starred restaurant located in the Old Town area of Bilbao, overlooking the river and the famous Ribera market. The restaurant has a rather modern charm with funky stairs leading to the main dining space. It has 8 counter seating facing the kitchen which is great if you want to engage with the chefs and wanting to find out more about their creation. The cooking is very modern and use very high quality ingredients from local regions. The restaurant only offers tasting menu so unless you are open to try new and experimental things, Mina might not be ideal for you.

La Viña del Ensanche

Top notch Basque cuisine 

Joselito Iberian Cured Ham with tomato,
virgin olive oil and oven baked ciabatta

La Viña del Ensanche, a traditional Spanish restaurant in the heart of Bilbao downtown. It was highly recommended by a close friend who had just recently came back from Bilbao and judging from all the positive online reviews, it does seem like a place that was well worth a visit. The restaurant had two dining space, a casual pintxos bar with tavern seating in one end and a much more formal and classy dinning room on the other end. The menu was large, with traditional pintxos, tapas, tasting menu, as well as a a gastronomic menu.  

El Globo

Bilbao's classic

Grilled prawns

If your research online where is the best place to eat at an affordable price 
in Bilbao, you will most likely to see El Globo high on the list. With countless awards, El Globo is considered one of the finest pintxos bars in Bilbao. Located in the city centre, the bar has a small dining room as well as an outside space with a full table service. The menu contain a selection of pintxos as well as larger dishes which are ideal for sharing. This is also ideal for a quick lunch with a strong list of sandwiches and salads.