Sunday, 20 January 2019

Mume Taipei

Refreshing Asian fusion concept

Prawn, yam bean, prawn head sauce and ricotta

Taipei is known for its street food and amazing value for money casual dining joints, from beef noodles to soy pancakes. Creative and forward-thinking dining concept is somewhat limited in the city. Launched in 2014, Mume, the Michelin starred restaurant is somewhat now one of the most trendy restaurants in Taipei. The restaurant's cooking is highly influenced by western cuisines, and together with prime ingredients sourced locally with Asian cooking theory in mind, it provides a very unique dining experience. 
Unlike many high-end restaurants, Mume is very informal, guests can order as little or as many dishes they like from its a la carte menu.

RAW Taipei

The best restaurant in Taipei?

Dirty Chicken

Raw is a restaurant with a big reputation, opened by one of the most respected Asian chefs in the world, in the name of AndrĂ© Chiang. His restaurant Andre in Singapore was rated as one of the best restaurants in Asia by The World 50 Best Guide, it was also a holder of 2 Michelin stars. Since then, Andre was closed down which allow Andre Chiang to fully develop Raw and turning it into the hottest dining destination in Taiwan. The way to book a table is like trying to book a ticket for Glastonbury, you will need to book within 5 mins once your desired day is opened for booking and you will need to pay the food cost in advance. It only serves a tasting menu. Our waiter on the day informed us the tasting menu that was on offered at our visit is best of the past, taken all the greatest dishes from the last few years.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Din Tai Fung Xinyi Restaurant Taipei

The legend of Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Din Tai Fung just launched in London and while I enjoyed the meal there, I found the cost was far too expensive and I tasted better Xiao Long Bao elsewhere. On my trip to Taipei, I got the chance to visit the first Din Tai Fung in the world. The original site has somewhat become a tourist hotspot, you would find it to be recommended by pretty much any Taiwanese holiday websites or publication. I arrived on 11am to try to avoid the lunch crowd and I was lucky to get a table right away.

Hawker Chan Taipei

Soy chicken star?

Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan created a massive storm back in 2016 when its original site in Singapore earned a Michelin star, and it became the very first street food/hawker style food stall to achieved such status. The Michelin star surely has changed chef-owner Chan's life, his signature soy chicken became an iconic dish, and making Hawker Chan one of the top destinations for tourist. In 2017, Hawker Chan has expanded into Taiwan, with 5 chains strong across Taipei. The menu is very short, with the hero dish soy chicken taking center stage, along with BBQ pork, pork ribs, and roasted pork belly. So it short, it is very much just like any roasted meat restaurants in Hong Kong.

Emperor Foods Taipei

Taiwanese fried chicken

Emperor Foods

Taiwanese fried chicken or pork is one of those items you got to try when you visit the country, treated as a local snack or a casual meal, the main difference in Taiwanese fried chicken vs the western style is that it usually contain a great depth of white and black pepper, as well as Asian spices, and often contain less batter. Emperor Foods is a mini-chain that is known for its fried pork chop and chicken, and on my visit to Taipei, I decided to pay a visit for a fast lunch.