Sunday, 9 June 2013

Four Seasons Wardour Street

Comforting Cantonese food

Located in China Town, not to be mistaken with the global hotel chain, Four Seasons is an old fashion Cantonese restaurant providing all the usual traditional Cantonese food at a pretty reasonable price, the original branch at Queensway had created bit of a buzz with its famous roast duck and became a hit to the local Chinese in London.

I lost counts how many times I been to the Wardour Street branch, so it is about time to give a proper review for my blog. The decor is standard "China Town style", nothing spectacular but this pretty much apply to every Chinese restaurant in China Town. We had a BBQ dish as a starter, roast duck and crispy belly pork. The roast duck was the clear winner, the skin was crisp and good balance of fat between the meat and the skin, the meat was earthy, tender with just a hint of five spies and sweetness. The belly pork wasn't overly salty but the skin wasn't crispy enough like how a good roast pork belly should be, it needed mustard otherwise it tasted a little weak on its own.
Roast duck and pork belly
BBQ honey pork with rice

My main of king prawn fried rice was a bit weak however, god knows how long the prawn had been at the freezer, but it didn't taste fresh and lack any flavours. The fired rice itself was done nicely, not overly oily like most other budget Chinese restaurants in China Town. Kong Po Chicken on the other hand was decent at best, lack the explosive and rich flavours I expected.
king prawn fried rice
Kong Po chicken

Other dishes are decent but roast duck is what this place is all about, for the price the roast duck here are just pure class, it is one of the better Chinese restaurant in China Town, it has always been a great spot for a fast and budget meal or a take away for me. You can tell what a great place it is judging by the high number of Chinese diners in the restaurant every single days, while there are better Chinese food out there in London, Four season isn't bad either in term of food quality vs value.

Food 4.5
Service 3
Ambience 3
Value 9

£15 per head

23 Wardour Street 
LondonUK W1D 6

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