Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pudding Bar

Sweet treats

Desserts seem to be the next hot food trend in London, and the Pudding Bar in Soho might well be one of the first that kick off such a trend. Already a hot spot for bloggers and with a large amount of positive media coverage, it serves nothing but desserts and drinks, and sounded like an interesting concept and one that I can really think is going to work out. To get a chance to try all the desserts, I went for the tasting menu which is a giant plate of five different sweet treats. 

The chon buns were the weakest by far, it was very ordinary with no excitement in any form whatsoever. The best dessert was easily the earl grey tea panna cotta, the herbal tea notes infused wonderfully with a mild fruity kick from the brandy snap. Pudding bar's dessert was a bit of a mixed bag, there were some great elements but also fault dishes at the same time. Time will tell if it can be a great success and become the trend setter of dessert only venues.

Food 2/5

What I paid: 
£15 per head with a glass of wine

Average cost without drinks and services :
£7 - £9

26 Greek Street, W1

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  1. This place is cozy and trendy, the exposed brick wall behind the bar looks rich with age. I loved the live DJ playing great jams that I could move my shoulders to, yet also have a great conversation with friends. Loved it.