Friday, 31 July 2015

China City

Karaoke and Chinese

China City is a Cantonese restaurant with private karaoke rooms. The private karaoke room with room service is a popular venue among the local Chinese in London as it is one of the biggest trends back in the Far East, so the combination of affordable Chinese food with a free private karaoke room, as long as you reach the minimum spend proves an extremely attractive proposition.

So what about the food? All the cooking is pretty much your typical westernised Cantonese style, the soft shell crab, cooked in salt and chilli was well fried with very rich earthy crab meat. Baked lobster with ginger and spring onions was not as fresh as I was hoping for, the lobster meat was also over cooked which made it more rubbery in texture. Roast duck Cantonese style was a lot better on the other hand, the meat was still moist and the depth of the spices and seasoning rubbed in the skin had a great balance. Satay beef in hot pot was another fine dish, lovely nutty and spicy aromas, it was perhaps too rich on its own but worked extremely well with a bowl of rice.

If you love karaoke and affordable Chinese food, China City is a great choice, as long as you gather enough people so you the numbers to share the bill to reach the minimum spend (£18 per person for 8 people in its smallest room!). Service is not the best like most other Chinese restaurants in the area, the wine list is also something you should consider avoiding and stick with the soft drinks instead. 

Food 2/5

What I paid: 

£40 pp with wine

Average cost without drinks and services:

£20 pp

50 Woburn Place, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0JZ

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