Thursday, 6 August 2015


Burger champ

Sweet Caroline
Byron shows no sign of slowing down expanding in 2015, now a household name and one of the most successful premium burger chains in London, with more stores planning to open in the rest of the UK. One of the successful formulas behind Byron is its simplicity, doing one thing exceptional well, hence the slogan "Proper Burger". The other is coming up with monthly specials to keep up the marketing and social media buzz, the specials are usually tied in with cultures and seasons to make it exciting and keep the Byron's image fresh. 
Some of the specials I've tasted lately:

Freddar Dawg
courgette fries an fries
B Rex
Chilli Queen
Le smoky

T Rex, one of the most popular specials of all time and now a permanent item on the Byron menu, a towering burger with onion rings which the jalapeño and mayo gives the burger a cool and spicy sensation. The last special: Sweet Caroline is all about American BBQ influence, with tender pulled pork and tangy barbecue flavours, it is my favourite special of 2015 so far, the combination of jalapeño slaw, streaky bacon and crispy potatoes was just simply perfect for a summer burger. Freddar Dawg, the latest special was a real beastly hot dog affair, it was pretty much meat patty in a hot dog roll with a good amount of American mustard and chopped onions. Not as good as the other two but still a very decent burger, to sum it up, Byron doesn't do a bad burger, the level is very consistent and very accessible to make it a very tempting choice whenever you need a good burger. 

Food 2.5/5

What I paid: 

£10 pp

Average cost without drinks and services:

£15 pp

various locations

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