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Absurd Bird

Stunned Bird

Big mama southern style smoked chicken

Absurd Bird is yet another fried chicken themed restaurant, newly launched in East London. Fried chicken is one of the UK's most loved comfort food and it has been given a gourmet make over in the last years, with places such as Dirty Bone and Birds are pushing fired chicken at a more refine level. Absured Bird aimed toward Southern style American cuisine in its fried chicken with a light, modern touch, using flavours from around the world. The menu is heavily focusing on chicken as you would expect. The fried buttermilk wings were some of the worst fried wings I have ever encountered, the crispy batter came off easily from the wings and the wings were completely tasteless, also the wings still contained so much leftover hair which was extremely unpleasant to the eye. The smoke garlic and parmesan wings however, was a lot better, the savoury taste with a touch of spices and nutty flavours really worked well with the wings.

fried buttermilk wings
smoke garlic and parmesan wings
Grilled chicken

The grilled chicken was tender but lacked seasoning, also I don't understand why it came with a lemon garlic sauce when there are already chicken gravy provided on the plate, as the two just totally clash and created confusing flavours. The big mama southern style smoked chicken had a lovely woody and punchy aroma, but it failed to deliver in taste, the meat was dry and the flavours failed to blend in to the chicken. My meal at Absurd Bird was far from ideal, I appreciate that I visited in its soft launch period, but from the attention to detail to the level of ingredients just doesn't seem to be anywhere near on the right track. There are simply far too many fried chicken restaurants out there doing similar things, but at a higher standard for the same price, so I hope Absurd Bird can improve in the near future as the menu and branding of the restaurant does look appealing and that is why I have decided to pay a visit in the first place.

Food 1/5

What I paid: 

£13 per head

Average cost without drinks and services:


54 Commercial St, London E1 6LT

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