Wednesday, 8 March 2017

El Pastor

Hipster taco joint in London Bridge

Confit pork taco 

Mexican cuisine appear to be the next big thing in the ever changing London dining trend, with the high number of Mexican restaurant launches in recent years. From the same people behind the successful Spanish tapas bar Barrafina, El Pastor is a casual Mexican restaurant in London Bridge, serving tacos and mezcal, alongside with all the usual popular Mexican street food items, such as guacamole and quesadillas. Just like Barrafina, it is a no booking restaurant, so my best advice is turn up early to avoid the waiting.

Seabass aguachile

The Seabass aguachile was very similar to a ceviche, with lime juice and avocado in the mix. It was a very fresh and sour dish which worked well with the grassy and earthy tone of the house mezcal. The Carnitas: a confit pork taco served with crispy pork skin and salsa was an interesting dish. The meat was well seasoned and packed a punch of bold flavours, but the meat was a touch dry and it was not easy to chew. Last but not least was the short rib taco, it was top quality, very moist and had a melting texture, that mild guajillo rub offered richness and depth without overpowering, it was indeed a very special taco dish.

Short rib taco
Mezcal time!

Overall, my meal at El Pastor was very enjoyable, while the cooking weren't as near as refined or special compared to Barrafina, it did offer something difference and unusual. As far as a concept, I think it worked very well, with the popular rise of Mexican cuisine and its prime location in Borough Market. For a non-booking restaurant, the service was pretty decent and we were at no under pressure to leave when we had finished our food, even with a pretty big crowd waiting outside. To sum it up, a trendy Mexican taco bar with a strong list of mezcal and tequila, if you were into bold exotic Latino flavours, El Pastor would be an ideal place for you.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£49 pp with cocktails

Average cost without drinks and services:


6-7A Stoney St, London SE1 9AA, UK

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