Sunday, 10 March 2013

Meat Market

Meaty Titanic

While the horse meat scandal still flying around in London, that doesn't stop my appetite for a nice burger in town. I had great experience at Meat Liquor last year as their burger were top notch and good value for money, so this time around I visited one their expansion Meat Market in Covent Garden which sitting on top of the Jubilee Market.

The operation here is actually very different to Meat Liquor, it is much for "fast food" here without waiters and you need to order at the till then wait to be call up to collect your order. Tables were pretty much every man for themselves which I think can lead to be a bit of a chaos when it gets too busy. The d├ęcor is very youthful and trendy, with rather amused signs across the ceiling, this is definitely a place that aim toward the younger target audience with its low price and the rebellious interior.

Food took about 5 mins to arrives, the corn puppies was the best item on the day, the battered andouille sausage was really well fried, not grease at all, sausage wasn't dry and went really well with the honey and mustard dip. However the chips were very ordinary, I cant tell the different if I compare it to Mc Donalds.
Corn puppies & Black Palace

I had the Black Palace burger and it failed to impress. The sweet grilled onions tasted great and the meat was done medium pink which it is what burger should be, but far too much sauces went into the burger, which really ruined the whole thing, the sauces flooded the bun which make it really wet and hard to hold the burger, and it just overwhelmed other elements: cheese and pickles, with ketchup and mustard on top just turning the burger into Titanic...
Dead Hippie

In terms of quality Meat Market is nowhere near Meat Liquor and the burgers here are million miles below from the amazing Honest Burger. And at the same price it is very questionable why I should return unless I am near the location. But I guess it is in such a touristy zone and its main targets are younger generation, I take they can get away from it. At the end of the day, some people just see Meat Market as just fast food(which it is!) so won't be that critical about it.

Food 3
Service 3
Ambience 5
Value 6

£13.50 per head

The Deck, Jubliee Market Hall, 
Tavistock St, London WC2E 8BE

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