Sunday, 3 March 2013

Electric Diner

A slice of American experience in Notting Hill

Part of the Soho House group, but unlike Electric House, which is a member only venue, Electric Diner is open to the public, serving classic American dining food. Suited in the trendy Portobello Road, we arrived for lunch on a rainy day but the diner was pretty busy which was a contrast compare to the quite street on a Tuesday afternoon.

The d├ęcor was similar to most diners I been while I was in US, but the food was a little better as I failed to enjoy any of the meals while eating at diners in America. Chopped chicken liver, salted butter and toast had a decent flavour with the liver not overpowering the whole dish, lightly salted with no bitterness. 
Chopped chicken liver

Electric Diner lived up to the reputation of American diners as one of my friend ordered a double cheese burger which turn out to be a triple burger and single burger here is actually a double... I did not taste the burger but base on my friend's comment is similar level to Byron's. My house made bologna sandwich is basically a giant burger bun stuffed with processed pork meat, the meat was decent but perhaps a little bit too much on the salt, the smokiness came through nicely but the taste was just too one dimension and not in a very good way.
double cheese burger
bologna sandwich

The stars dishes here funny enough were the bacon and fries, the thick cut peppered bacon was juicy, packed with rich flavours of the peppers and glazed with maple syrup. Sweet and smoky, very tasty but definitely high in calories! The fries was also nicely fried with very good seasoning, and not greasy at all. But the same can not be say about the harsh browns, this has to be the worst harsh browns I had, absolutely no taste at all but loaded with oil, every mouthful felt like eating oil in solid form and left me a bad taste in my mouth for rest of the day.
 harsh browns
thick cut peppered bacon

All I can say about Electric Diner is that the food is decent but really nothing special, and for the price you are paying you can easily find something better elsewhere. Locating in a trendy and busy area obviously help to keep this place busy but I wonder how many people will return after their first visit.

Food 2.5
Service 5
Ambience 6
Value 4

£21 per head

191 Portobello Rd, 
London W11 2ED

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