Monday, 15 July 2013


Gourmet Gelati in London

Gelupo is an iconic Italian ice cream house providing artisan gelati and other frozen goodies in Soho, the same people behind Booca Di Lupo, one of the most popular Italian restaurants in London. I had the blood orange sorbets when I was at Booca Di Lupo a while back and it was the best sorbet I've had in London.

So while I visited Gelupo, for my choice of 3 ice creams I just had to go for the blood orange sorbet again along two other interesting flavours. The blood orange sorbet has a lovely aroma and flavours of orange zest, the citrus notes from the rich orange oil bursting into your nose is such a delight on a hot summer day. The bitter and sweet notes are perfectly balanced, a top class sorbet.

The kiwi, elderflower and gin flavour was also a refreshing summer treat, that tiny kick from the juniper berries off the gin matched finely with the sweet and sour notes from the kiwi, not overly sweet and thick. Watermelon with cinnamon was also on offer, it is good to see some interesting and creative mixes, but what's most important is Gelupo does deliver in taste at the end which I really appreciated.

Gelupo offers a truly gourmet ice cream experience, all the flavours are blended expertly together. Services seem to have taken the same mentality from Booca Di Lupo, calm and friendly, well above your average dessert/ takeaway places. While the price is not the usual cost for an ice cream for London, the quality is on a whole different level, I am already thinking of buying a litre worth to take home next time!

£4 for a medium ice cream

7 Archer St  London, Greater London W1D 7AU

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