Sunday, 21 July 2013

Shake Shack

Shaking my head hard

One of the most anticipated burger joint openings in London along with Five Guys, Shake Shack is a very successful burger chains in the US and all eyes (well at least in the foodie world) were on Shake Shack to witness what it has on offer to the ever growing burger trends in Britain. After a dreadful meal at Five Guys, I wondered if Shake Shack can restore some pride for US burgers and the result turned out to be totally the opposite.
super long queue
Shake Shack London

Thanks to the tourist location in Covent Garden along with the media hyped, I had to wait over an hour before I got to the till. I had the SmokeShack burger with cheese, cherry pepper and bacon. Just when I thought it can't get worst than the Five Guys burger I had the other day, Shake Shack proved me wrong with its cold bun which tasted like the same bun you get from the McDonald's saver menu.... The bacon was rock solid and the meat patty reminded me of the burgers I got served at school lunches. Fries were a little better, not too oily but at £2.50 a pop, there are much better fries around in London. I was just shocked Shake Shack is commanding such prices with such below par food.
SmokeShack burger
SmokeShack burger...

What can I say? just like Five Guys, Shake Shack totally "failed" on delivering anything half decent, the food was indeed fast food level but at more than double the standard UK price. I will take Burger King over Shake Shack any time after such a horrible experience. BK is cheaper, tastier and no need to wait over an hour.... fast food is call "fast" food for a good reason. I wouldn't even compare it to the likes of Byron and Honest Burger because they are totally on a whole different level.... To sum it up: without the marketing budget, the tourist location and brand image, Shake Shack is nothing but a bit of your average burger restaurant you would find on a highway in the US in a petrol station. 

Food 1

Service 2
Ambience 2
Value 1

£12 per head

24 Market Place LondonUK WC2E 8RD

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  1. I completely agree! I was astounded at the numerous good reviews I'd read only to then find a McDonalds bun with poor quality beef! How on earth they thought they could get away with it i have no idea.

    Glad to see someone else with sense though :)


    1. Many thanks Tahira,

      Yes Shake Shack is nothing but a marketing scam, good to know u felt the same way:)
      Ps love the design of your blog and the home cook section, I def need to step up a gear with my home cooking:p

    2. Awh thank you! That means a lot :). I'm still very much a home cook but i still love it nonetheless!

      Love your blog too :)

      Tahira x

    3. You welcome!

      I done one a while back (a dinner party) gosh, it was such a mission! It took a lot of time and energy out of me lol