Sunday, 15 June 2014

Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger

Best of both worlds

I've got to admit, when I first visited the original Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger in Kentish Town, I went a little bit too far and ate at both sites one after the other as I rarely travel to Kentish Town but I really wanted to try both Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger. That evening I could barely walk after downing a Dirty Burger as well as a half chicken plus some sides. So it seems like the owner aka Soho House wanted me to relive the moment and launched both places under one roof in Whitechapel.

best of both worlds
hello chicken...

I went on its soft launch day and as expected, we had to wait almost two hours to get a table but there is a pub just down the road which makes it a great place to hang around while you wait for the phone call to confirm the table. I found the Dirty Burger was just like the version I've had back in Kentish Town, not to the level of the mighty Honest Burger but still packed with the rich and meaty flavours. The chicken was clearly over cooked with burnt skin covering pretty much the whole surface, luckily the meat under leaf was still tender and juicy, something that Nando's can only dream of.
dirty burger
chicken dinner time!

Whitechapel is lacking any decent restaurants and flooded with boring chains so the affordable Chicken Shop/ Dirty Burger combo concept is clearly going to be popular to the locals and students who live nearby. It was also rather amusing seeing Soho House launching the combo right next to Nando's to show the ambition of taking on the big boys. With similar price tags and better quality food, why not?

Food 4
Service 4
Ambience 3
Value 8

£10 per head

27 Mile End Road London E1 4TP

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  1. I also found our chicken was burnt when we visited for the soft launch. A shame really!

    1. Haha noob mistake but hopefully it is all good these days now:)