Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Rum Kitchen

Rum jungle in London

The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill is a popular bar and kitchen to the young professional in the area, it gets very busy on a daily basis, both of my visits were on early evening weekdays but already full of people which is somewhat impressive considering everywhere else around the area was half empty. The Rum Kitchen is all about rum cocktails and soulful Caribbean cooking, a concept that has a mass appeal to me as I am a big fan of rum!

Rum kitchen

The rum cocktails here are simply mixed and generally worked well to the palate, plenty of rum classics as well as modern tiki mixed but don't expect crazy garnishes or complexity in technical skills. On to the food, the Jerk chicken wings with Scotch bonnet swamp sauce was really well marinated and full of intense and robust flavours, it really dazzled my palate even though the spicy level was seriously hot.

jerk wings
baby squid

Soft shell crab burger was interesting in the use of ginger and guava-lime relish which I witness a lot in Thai cuisine. The aioli and spicy tamarind sauce added a layer of creamy and nutty texture, overall a pretty decent burger. The jerk fried chicken thighs was nicely deep fried and the meat was still soft and moist, the sweet and sour pineapple slaw toned down the heavy flavours and fruity and woody rum jerk bbq ketchup was a smart touch to finish off the dish.

soft shell crab burger
jerk fried chicken thighs

Overall it was a fun and interesting experience, the cooking wasn't anything exceptional but rather, comforting and pleasant food at a very affordable price. Service was friendly and the bartenders really understand about rums with great knowledge of different types and style of rum brands. Do bear in my mind they do happy hours from 6pm till 8pm everyday so it is well worth a few rounds of drinks downstairs at the basement bar first before heading up for some soulful tropical feasts.

Food 5
Service 5
Ambience 4
Value 6

£35 per head with 2 cocktails

6-8 All Saints Rd, London W11 1HH

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