Sunday, 27 July 2014


Spanish quick fix in the city

Morito is a popular tapas bar that serves Spanish and North African dishes in the city, I became a fan after my first visit back in March and  got a chance to taste its signature pork belly again at the Spanish Festival and I just couldn't get enough of it. This time I dropped by for an early evening fix as I was in a rush and once again Morito delivered some fantastic plates of food.
rare beef with garlic

The chorizo bocadillo was the first to arrive and the classic combination of tomato, olive oil on bread was a real winner, the spicy and peppery taste of the chorizo offered a lovely contrast to the cool and refreshing tomato, my kind of sandwich. The chicken with chard was an interesting and wonderful dish, the texture of the chard was just perfect  with the moist grilled chicken, the nutty and fruity profile of the tahini and grapes sitting in nicely to provide a plate of multi flavours.
chorizo bocadillo
chicken with chard

The sherry cured trout was perhaps the best dish on the night, the mixture of salt and sweet taste was rich with a lovely woody tone, the girolles absorbed all the delightful flavours and the fennel offered a herbal and mild aniseed taste. Last but not least was the cumin and paprika lamb chop, tender and with the right amount of spiciness, it was well seasoned and tasted even better than my first visit.
sherry cured trout
cumin and paprika lamb chop

Once again Morito gave me a lovely Spanish experience, price was also very reasonable. Without any wine, the cost came to under £50 for two which is very good value given the location. Morito is a great little Tapas restaurant and I would love to try out its sister restaurant Moro next door for a more formal Spanish dining experience as there just aren't enough top Spanish fine dining restaurants in the capital. 

Food 6
Service 5
Ambience 7
Value 7

£24 per head

32 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

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