Monday, 14 July 2014

Osteria dell' Angolo

Italian in Westminster

Osteria dell' Angolo, a smart Italian restaurant located in Westminster, offers regional cuisine in a classic manor with a modern twist. Head chef Massimilano Vezzi created a brand new menu for the summer inspired by his Neapolitan background. As part of a tasting event, we were offered a selection of small plates to get an idea of Osteria's style of cooking, the evening kicked off with seared scallops and what a great start it was. The scallop was fresh and had a mild spicy flavour from the paprika, the garnish of black olives did a great job to add a nice mild earthy depth to the shellfish and I was deeply impressed by it. 

Osteria dell' Angolo
seared scallops with paprika and black olives
Sicilian octopus carpaccio
home cured beef with red chared leaves
Scialatielli from sorrento with fresh crab
suckling pig belly with potatoes, spring onions & capers

Sicilian octopus on the other hand was a little weak, the celery overpowered the tender octopus in both texture and taste, which was a shame as the octopus on its own was wonderful. The kitchen's special, Scialatielli from Sorrento was a very interesting pasta dish, the crab meat and grilled courgettes were light and sweet but the seasoning was a little heavy for my liking. Best dish on the evening has to be the slow cooked suckling pig belly. The balsamic sauce reduction matched the soft and tender meat really well while the mini capers added a lovely bitter and earthy taste. Overall it was above your standard average Italian experience, Osteria's managed to pull off some very authentic Italian flavours in a smart surrounding which should delight the locals.

47 Marsham St, London

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