Monday, 6 April 2015

Red Dog Saloon

Hot wings challenge

deadly hot wings

Red Dog Saloon is famous for its American BBQ food but even more for its two food challenge, the hot wings and the devastator challenge. The hot wings challenge is all about can you handle the heat, six wings cooked in naga viper chilli, it is one of the hottest chillies in the world and the success rate of the challenge is only 5% with countless of Youtube videos of showing contestants suffering badly from the overwhelming heat. But I have a friend who just loves completing in food challenges and he was so keen that he started practising eating all kinds of spicy food days in advance to the build up.

sadly he hasn't...

I am useless with spicy food so I ordered some 'normal' items off the menu. My punisher burger which contained a beef patty with a good chunk of smoked pork and bacon was a real mouthful, so big that I had to use my knife and folk to cut up this beast, the patty was cooked medium but lacked seasoning and was over shadowed by the smoked pork. The smoked brisket on the other hand was very rich and well marinated with a touch of sweetness in the mix.

punisher burger
smoked brisket and mac & cheese
smoked ribs 

So what about the challenge itself? Well unfortunately my friend failed miserably in pretty dramatic fashion. He was KO'd after just three bites off from a single wing and had to rush outside the venue to "cool down". Not even the iced cold milkshake could save him from the deadly burning heat and his mouth was so numb that he failed to taste anything afterwards for the whole evening. The hot wings challenge is not to be sniffed at. 

Food 2/5

What I paid: 
£24 per head with a soft drink

Average cost without drinks and services:


37 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NN

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  1. haha failed after 3 bites?!!!
    I ate one whole wing at least! you should have tried one

  2. Yes he underestimated the wing that is for sure! I cant do spicy at all:(