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Sticky Wings

Sticky fun

Sticky Wings, photo from management

Good Buffalo wings are not easy to come by in London, when well executed, it can be such an addictable item that you just can't stop eating one after another. The best Buffalo wing I have encountered in London was the bingo wings from Meat Liquor, I have yet to discover a wing specialist restaurant in London so when I heard there is actually a Buffalo Wings joint in Brick Lane called Sticky Wings that has been receiving some excellent customer feedback, I wasted little to time to check out the place.

Buffalo wings
BBQ wings

The menu is simple, you choose either small or big portions for your wings and pick between four flavours and three dips. I managed to try both the classic Buffalo and BBQ flavours, first the Buffalo, it had the perfect balance of spicy and sour tastes, lovely seasoning with beautiful crispy skin, very delightful. BBQ wings was also greatly executed, not sickeningly sweet with a small hint of smoky notes. The flavours were so powerful already that the ranch dip wasn't really necessary for me. My only small criticism would be the onion ring as it was rather tasteless and completely overshadowed by the wonderful wings. Finally a big shout out to the service, everyone were extremely friendly and caring which make the whole meal a lot more enjoyable. If you are hot wing lovers, this place is a must try.

Food 2.5/5

What I paid: 

£12 pp with a soft drink

Average cost without drinks and services:


40 Brick Lane, London, UK E1 6RF

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