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SuperStar BBQ

Super Korean BBQ

SuperStar BBQ

Beside classic Cantonese cuisine, Korean BBQ is probably my second favourite Asian comfort food. When it is done right, it is just a thing of beauty, sweet and savoury rich tastes with an irresistible smoky aroma, all cooked in front of you in a specially designed table with a grill in the centre. SuperStar BBQ is a brand new Korean restaurant that was located on St Giles High Street, right next to the infamous ramen joint Ippudo, together with Byron and Kanada Ya, the street is slowly turing into a trendy fast food hub.

In door BBQ!

We went for a selection of classic BBQ items, the squid was a lot better than other Korean restaurants in London commanding similar price, very soft in texture with just the right level of saltiness without going overboard. Marinated lamb was another great dish, good balance of sweetness with just a hint of spices, we grilled to medium rare to reach the perfect level of tenderness. Major fail of the night has to be the Korean fried chicken, far too small and very one dimension in flavour to justify such a premium price tag (£9.50 for 10 tiny pieces). 

pork belly
BBQ squid
BBQ pork belly

SuperStar BBQ does exactly what it says on its brand name, the BBQ items were indeed pretty dame good, great marinating on the meats in a modern, well spread out, comforting setting. The none BBQ items were less impressive however, fairly average and quality wise, were something you can easily found elsewhere. The risk of indoor BBQ is the smokiness could get out of control and make the whole dining room extremely greasy in smell, but thanks to the high ceiling and large space, this is not such an issue for SuperStar BBQ. Together with the affordable prices, this makes an excellent venue for Korean BBQ.

Food 2.5/5

What I paid: 

£16pp with water

Average cost without drinks and services:


4 Central St Giles Piazza, St Giles High Street, Holborn, London WC2H 8AB

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