Thursday, 1 October 2015


A month of discovering London and free eats and drinks!


Yelp is doing a month of exploring London in some of the most delicious spots this city has to offer. Maybe you've never had bubble tea before? Or some seriously amazing roast chicken and wings? How about the best takeaway sushi in the city? Yelp got you covered. 

Plus, FREE EATS ALL MONTH LONG! So if we didn't have your attention, time to listen up. 

Here's how it works:

    * STEP ONE: Go to that day's location. Every three days there's going to be a new place being featured, so check below for the schedule.

    * STEP TWO: Check in to the space on Yelp, add a pic of you and your food and get some eats for free! Everything from free ice cream to cocktails.*

    * STEP THREE: Eat or drink your free stuff! 



Well, this is where we'll be:

October 1 to 2
Fatburger (…) - Check in for a free Fatburger! 

October 4 to 6
Udderlicious (…) - Check in for a free scoop of ice cream!

October 7 to 9
Sushi Surprise (…) - Check in for a free salmon nigiri selection. This isn't on the menu but created just for #YelptoberFeast!

October 10 to 12 
Supernatural Smoothies (…) - Check in for a free large juice or smoothie!

October 13 to 15 
Clockjack (…) - Check in for free quarter rotisserie chicken or 5 free wings!

October 16 to 18
The Gorringe Park (…) - Check in for a free drink: beer, house wine or cocktail!

October 19 to 21 
The Victoria (…) - Check in for a free drink: beer, house wine or cocktail!

October 22 to 24
The Well (…) - Check in for a free delicious cocktail!

October 25 to 27 
Biju Bubble Tea (…) - Check in for a free bubble tea!

October 28 to 30 
VooDoo Ray's Boxpark (…) - Check in for a free pizza slice.

* First 25 people only will get the free eats, so get there quick! If you're not one of the lucky ones though, don't worry, you'll still get a discount on your meal.

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