Sunday, 8 January 2017

Zhejiang Heen

Huaiyang cuisine

Braised pork legs

Located in Wan Chai, Zhejiang Heen is a Chinese restaurant that specializing in Huaiyang cuisine with a Michelin star for 3 years running. Some interesting dishes which are hard to find in many restaurants, such as the "braised duck stuffed with 8 treasures" and "black glutinous rice with pumpkin and 8 delights" would require advance order. Zhejiang Heen also does a 4 course set lunch menu which is pretty great value for money for a Michelin starred "proper" restaurant where you can sit down, take your time, without worrying to be getting kicked out by waiters when you are done with your meal.

Xiao Loong Bao
"Dan Dan" noodles 
Minced chicken with pine nuts

The braised pork leg was rather average, the meat was a touch dry, but the gravy, dressing was well balanced while retaining plenty of rich savoury flavour. Zhejiang Heen has done the classic "Dan Dan" noodles justice, the noodle was silky smooth and the broth packed a punch of spicy and nutty note without overwhelming your palate. The best dish on the night has to be the minced chicken with pine nuts, the seasoning was spot on, it worked great with the nutty and crunchy sesame pancakes. For dessert, we had the deep-fried egg whites with red bean paste and it tasted similar to a fresh donuts, it was semi creamy in texture with a mild sweetness which was perfect as a winter treat. 

Spicy tofu with minced pork
Tea smoked duck
Deep-fried egg whites

Service was decent, nothing special, but they did the job well. I do think the drink list could be better as it is very limited with a very limited choice of wine and beer. Without a doubt, Zhejiang Heen is a notch above most of the Huaiyang restaurants in Hong Kong, it has no gimmick dishes, just very classic dishes done in a fairly refine manner with a small modern twist. Booking is highly recommended as it is a very popular restaurant, and do try to go in a large group to get a chance to try more dishes. 

Food 3.5/5

What I paid: 

£25 per head with beer

Average cost without drinks and services:


2/F & 3/F, Kiu Fu Commercial Building, 300-306 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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