Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bar Zeruko

Modern pintxo bar

Bar Zeruko

There are so many pintxo bars in San Sebastain, but without a shadow of a doubt, Bar Zeruko is one of the finest the city has to offer. Located right in the heart of the Old Town area, the bar offers a range of traditional pintxo, as well as some very creative and modern pintxo that wouldn't look "out of place" in a high end restaurant. Some of the "stood out" dishes: The grilled scallop, well seasoned and blessed with smoky aroma and freshness, a total steal for only five euro. The suckling pig dish could easily serve in a fine dinning restaurant, beautifully cooked, moist and crispy on the edge with the mustard adding a touch of sharpness to offset the richness. The Ox fillet with foie gras was full of delightful intense and bold flavours, the fillet was tender and the foie gras had a melting sensation, amazing value considering it costed only 5.5 euro. Having eaten at a few pintxo bars, Bar Zeruko is a personal favourite of mine, and one I would return for sure if I ever visit the city again.

pintxo counter
sea urchins
grilled scallops
prawns tempura
veal cheeks with red wine
suckling pig
duck loin with berries
Ox fillet and foie gras

Food 3.5/5

What I paid: 

20 Euro

Average cost without drinks and services:
15 Euro

Arrandegi Kalea, 10, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

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