Monday, 10 April 2017


Finest BBQ 

thick-cut pork ribs

It appears starting life as a street food vendor before setting up a proper restaurant is the way to go these days. Smokestak is one of the latest restaurants that has successfully transferred from a hipster street food joint into a popular restaurant in Shoreditch. I had great memories with Smokestak from its street food days, it's pork ribs were really something special and that is one of the few street food items that stood out for me. Smokestak's new home is edgy and bold in design, very dark and it has limited branding, almost like an abandoned torture house from a horror movie.

pigtails & crispy ox cheek
wild mushrooms, beef dripping toast
salt baked beetroot, goat cheese, hazelnuts

The pre starter nibbles of pig tails were rich in taste and loaded with some really bold sweet and sour flavours, it was the perfect dish to pair with a glass of ice cold beer. The infamous barbecued beef brisket was simply stunning, it had a wonderful melting texture and was seasoned to perfection. It was easily the best barbecued brisket I have ever encountered in London. The thick cut pork rib was also done expertly, it was moist with a lovely sweet smoky dressing, the vegetable side dishes didn't managed to meet the same standard but all the meat dishes I tried really delivered. 

Beef brisket
30-day dry aged beef rib
jacket potato, smoked rarebit

My dinner at Smokestak was a fabulous meaty experience. Smokestak's team showed they are really meat experts and delivered one of the best BBQ experience I have had. All the dishes might not be much to look at, but totally delivered from an aroma and taste point of view. The service was also at a pretty good standard, all the foods were served at a decent pace and our waiter never tried to ask us to leave beyond the 2 hours table turnaround policy. To sum it all, excellent BBQ at an affordable price in a trendy location, what is not to love? 

Food 3.5/5

What I paid: 


Average cost without drinks and services:

35 Sclater St, London E1 6LB, UK

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