Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Coal Shed London

Seafood BBQ

Fire Roasted Shellfish

If you visit Brighton and ask a local to recommend a top restaurant, the chance is the name "Coal Shed" would be mentioned high numbers of time. Back in Brighton, Coal Shed is a popular restaurant that serves fresh seafood and steak, and the big selling point is the restaurant loves cooking the food over an open fire, it is all about big smoky and savoury aroma. The team from Coal Shed has launched a second outpost in London, and once again, seafood and prime steak will be the main focus. The restaurant is located in the new One Tower Bridge development by the River Thames, over two floors with an impressive slick modern looking decor.

Porthily Oysters
Orkney Scallop Squash, chestnut, sage
Smoked Short Rib Chipotle, coffee, pickles

As Coal Shed is a seafood specialist, we kicked off with some oysters, the freshness and texture were fine but the shucking technique from the kitchen was a little off, as high amount of tiny pieces of shells were left inside the oysters. The turbot, on the other hand, was beautifully cooked and finely seasoned, the used of cauliflower and mild curry added a lovely depth to the meaty taste of the fish, it was a well-executed dish. I was also a massive fan of the grilled lobster, it was so sweet and fresh with a lovely smoky aroma, it worked like a treat with the garlic butter, the team from The Coal Shed really knows how to source top quality seafood. 
Grilled lobster
Turbot Cauliflower, curry, cockles

The Coal Shed did indeed live up to expectation to be a great seafood joint, while there was a little misstep in the oyster, all the other seafood dishes we have had were top notch. What set this place apart from other seafood restaurants is the open fire cooking technique which offers diners more choices instead of just stuck with the usual cold seafood dishes. The service on the day has also done a great job, informal and yet professional. I would love to return in the future to try its meat offering to see how it compares to the top dogs in London, such as Goodman and Hawksmoor. Overall, this place is well worth a try for any serious seafood lovers.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 
£52 per head with a cocktail (soft launch offer)

Average cost without drinks and services:

1 Tower Bridge, London SE1 2UP Tower Bridge, London SE1 2UP 

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