Monday, 4 December 2017

La Dame de Pic London

Pure class

Scottish Langoustine seared in shellfish butter with cucumber Kabosu, Granny Smith

This is my second visit to the 3 Michelin starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic's London restaurant inside the Four Season Hotel in Tower Hill. Having eaten its set lunch menu before it gained a Michelin star, I was impressed by its clean taste and creative element, and that was my reason to return for its tasting menu. As while set lunch menu offers a good indication of a restaurant's capability, usually the al la cate or tasting menu are a step above with use of top level and more expensive ingredients. What also caught my eye is almost every dish on the menu contain some element of alcohol, from gin, whisky to sake. Something that I think it can become a trend in the near future as top end premium spirit offers so much flavours.

amuse bouche
Cornish Crab steamed and seasoned with lovage mayonnaise,
blackcurrant and elderflower jelly
Sea Bream marinated with Tasmanian pepper berry, finger lemon,
junmai saké ice cream, Petrossian caviar
Hereford Beef, Monts Amaro coffee Cinnamon leaves,
celeriac in brown butter Gin and sobacha

The Cornish crab was steamed to perfection, with the clever use of lovage mayonnaise to give the dish a light aromatic aroma and the interesting factor of blackcurrant jelly somehow worked so wonderfully well with the sweet crab, it was such a great tasting dish. The Hereford beef had a melting texture and a fun factor of using coffee and gin, which delivered some bold, robust but sharp flavours at the same time, the seasoning was also spot on, my only issue was that I wished the piece of meat was bigger! Anne-Sophie Pic has a reputation for offering stunning dessert and this time was no different. The sencha vacherin seems simply on the eyes but loaded with some clean, fresh and fruity taste from the ginger and passion fruit. You can really see the high technical skill from the pastry team. 

Brie de Meaux Tahitian vanilla
The White Millefeuille Tahitian vanilla cream, Jasmine jelly
Sencha Vacherin...
...Geranium rosat, ginger and passion fruit coulis

The tasting menu affair was a real winner for me, especially the desserts, it was stunningly good as far as London standard goes. Without a doubt, the meal was easily at Michelin level and I would happily return again. Unlike most 5 stars hotel, the service at La Dame De Pic was pretty casual and I actually quite enjoy that, as I am not too much of a fan of "OTT formal service" aka having someone coming up to you every 10 minutes to ask if you are ok or topping up your glass after just a sip. For any serious French food lovers that are also looking for the cutting edge, creative factor, you can't go wrong with Anne-Sophie Pic's London offering.

Food 4.5/5

Executive chef: 

Anne-Sophie Pic

What I paid: 

£150 pp with wine

Average cost without drinks and services:

£39 set lunch menu
£105 tasting menu

Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square, 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ 

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