Friday, 16 February 2018

Pint Shop

Sunday delight

Pig in blanket Scotch egg

For my long weekend trip to Oxford, one thing that was on top of my to-do list was a nice Sunday roast after a long day of shopping, Pint Shop came to my attention thanks to its "hipster" branding, with a wide range of craft beer on taps and a really attracted range of food offering, from classic fish & chips to more modern dishes like salt baked celeriac and devilled lamb shoulder, the menu won't out of place in a proper restaurant. The restaurant also offers an amazing value for money Sunday roast, with 3 courses at £25, with a choice of 3 roasts for main and you can pick any starter and dessert from its all-day menu.

Gin Cured Trout, Buttermilk Pancakes
Deep fried chicken wings

We kicked off the menu with a pub classic with a twist, "pig in blankets" Scotch egg, the yolk was still runny in the middle with just the right level of saltiness, worked like a charm with the sharp and fruity taste of the cranberry ketchup. The deep fried chicken wings had an Asian vibe with its ginger and chilli dressing, it was bold and fiery in taste and as crispy as you can get. The main event of overnight pork belly was really something, it was so moist and loaded with savory and rich flavours, cooked to perfection. However, the potato that was served on the side was under seasoned and a touch overcooked.

Overnight Pork Belly, Apple Sauce
Spit Roast Beef Rump, Yorkshire Pudding

Aside from the potato, the Sunday lunch at Pint Shop was a great Sunday lunch experience, all washed down with some fine local ale, at £24 for a 2-course meal with a drink, this outside London prices for you. As this is also a pub that takes beer seriously, this is also an ideal joint for hardcore beer lovers. When I am back in Oxford, I am keen to try out other items from its main menu, the sounds of spit roast beer brined chicken just sound so tempting.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£24 pp with a glass of beer 

Average cost without drinks and services:


25-27 George St, Oxford OX1 2AU 

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