Monday, 2 April 2018

Mirador de Ulía

Fining dining with a spectator view

Hake cheek with white wine jelly and potato

One of the best things about San Sebastian is its beautiful landscape, with green hills overlooking sandy beaches and a sky blue ocean. To truly enjoy the amazing view, it is hard to beat a meal at Mirador de Ulía, a fine dining restaurant which located on Monte Ulia and has a complete view overlooking the city. The restaurant is not just about the view, however, it is a holder of a Michelin star, offering modern Basque cuisine using some of the freshness ingredients you can find in the region, it offers a 10-course tasting menu that contains some of the best dishes from its standard a la carte menu. 

Oyster with mango gel and its sandwich

Bitter mackarel
Artichokes, salmon and blood orange
Lobster salad, vegetable hearts vegetables and tomato ice-cream

I opted for the tasting menu, one of the most interesting dishes on the day was an oyster sandwich with mango gel, the fruitiness of the mango somehow worked in harmony with the saltiness of the oyster and added a lovely refreshing flavour. The giant red shrimp was as sweet as you can get with a lovely hint of earthiness from the roe which delivery bags of umami tastes. The fish of the day was hake cheek that came with an unusual element of white wine jelly and mint, it was well seasoned, moist and the sweet bitterness of the jelly really brought the flavour of the fish to life. Last but not least was the duck with apple and cider, rich in taste with layers of wonderful meaty flavours, it was one of the best duck dishes I have experienced.

Steak tartar with egg yolk, mustard meringue, cucumber slush, apple and celery
Carabinero, lemon and roe

Duck, apple osmosis, hazelnut praline and sunflower seeds

Apple and “cider"
“Tocino de cielo” candies with cacao snack and white chocolate ice cream

All in all, Mirador de Ulía delivered a wonderful meal that totally warrants its Michelin star status. The cooking was top class and presented with beautiful colour and dishes, the wine is well priced with a lovely view of the city and sea to match, talk about a dream combination. For any serious foodies that are also looking for the modern, creative factor and fresh flavours, Mirador de Ulía is a great choice and is easily one of the best restaurants in the city.

Food 4.5/5

What I paid: 

130 Euro

Average cost without drinks and services:
110 Euro

Ulia Pasealekua, 193, 20013 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain 

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