Sunday, 13 January 2019

Tate Dining Room & Bar

Contemporary fusion cuisine

Alfonsino, Fish Bone Olive Sauce, Eastern Olive Leaf and Dracontomelon Jam

On my trip to Hong Kong, Tate has been high on my agenda list. I try to avoid western restaurants in Hong Kong as I found you can get better value elsewhere back in Europe. However, Tate is not like any other western restaurants. In fact, it has one of the most unique concepts, combing Chinese and French flavours in almost an art form with its predestination. Fusion is hard to get it right, and rarely you will find a restaurant that does Chinese and French fusion at a level that has landed itself a Michelin star. Chef-owner Vicky Lau has also been given the title as the best female chef from the Asia's 50 best awards, making Tate a hot dining destination in Hong Kong.

Chinese Yam, Smoked Eel, aroma of Sesame Oil, Ossetra Caviar
Red Abalone Carpaccio with Marinated Celtuce and Fresh Herb Salad
Brioche with House Fermented Tofu Butter
Warm Sea Scallop, Aged Kumquat Grenobloise-Style Sauce

The restaurant only offers a fixed tasting menu and nothing else, so is best to inform the venue what you would like to avoid well in advance. The best of the evening was the olive dish for me, the alfonsino was cooked in a fish bone and olive oil sauce, the nutty and floral aroma of the sauce was sensational, the fish was cooked to perfection, as was the seasoning. The venison was another greatly executed dish, the meat was very moist and the richness of the Sichuan sauce had a lovely peppery kick that worked like a treat with the meat. For dessert, it was a piece of art with the "Ode to red fruit". The blend of fruits and yogurt, along with the sweetness of the meringue, reached such a fine balance. The presentation was stunning, as was the taste. 

Tagliolini cooked in Lobster Broth with Crispy Sakura Shrimp
Venison tenderloin with Chinese Cabbage Cream and Sichuan sauce
Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup
Yogurt Meringue with Raspberry Sorbet, Osmanthus White Chocolate Mousse
Petit fours

My dinner at Tate was interesting and offered some unique flavours, but I had two issues, and that is the price. For 1800 HKD (around 180 pound) for the tasting menu, the level of cooking really doesn't deserve such cost. You can get even more refine cooking at 2 Michelin starred restaurants across Europe, and VEA, which is not far from Tate, which also has a Michelin star. In a nutshell, there are better value for money restaurants elsewhere. The service was also weak, nothing to the level you would expect from a top fine dining restaurant. While they were decent enough, I felt I was talking to robots with most of them and one of them forgot to explain an element was not edible on our dessert dish, rocky mistake. To sum it up, Tate serves great quality, creative fusion fine dining food, but at a high price.

What I paid
£220 with wine

Food 4/5

Executive chef: 

Vicky Lau

Average cost without drinks and services:

Tasting menu: £180

210 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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