Saturday, 13 July 2019

Duck and Rice

Chinese weekend brunch

Sha Cha lobster clay pot

This is my fifth visit to Duck and Rice, the Chinese pub in Soho is one of my personal flavourite place for a comforting Chinese meal experience. Chinese food and beer is such a beautiful match and I am wondering why not more places offer such a combination. In the weekend, Duck and Rice offer a brunch menu, with a wide selection of dim sum and some classic Cantonese and street food items. The benefit of being a pub, it also has a great range of beers, cocktails, wines, as well as Chinese teas, which make Duck and Rice one of the most unique pub and restaurants in London.

Taro croquette
Baked char siu bao
Xiao long bao
Venison puff

I kicked off the meal with some dim sum as starters before moving on to the big plates. The baked char siu bao is what comfort Hong Kong food is all about, I really enjoyed the crispy surface of the bao, with a lovely moist, sweet honey pork on the inside. You can find black pepper beef everywhere across the UK, but the Duck and Rice version is right up there with the best. The fiery black pepper, together with the onions and spring onions combined with the smoky bavette beef so well. It was an intense, robust dish that packed a sexy punch. The monthly special on the day was the sha cha lobster, cooked in a clay pot. The sweet, mild nutty profile of the sauce enhanced the umami taste of the lobster wonderfully.

Rock shrimp, cheese & sesame spring roll
Wasabi prawn
Black pepper bavette beef
Cantonese Roast Duck

Duck and Rice is a rock solid pub that offers excellent Chinese cooking, with lovely service. Personally, this is my go-to place whenever I seek Chinese food when I am near China Town, the quality is just on another level vs many Chinese restaurants in China Town, not to mention you are treated with proper charming, friendly service which you almost will never get in China Town. This is a fantastic venue for Chinese food and beer lovers for sure.

Food 3.5/5

Average cost without drinks and services:


90 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0QB

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