Saturday 22 June 2019

Park Chinois

Traditional Chinese banquet in style

Eight treasures duck

Chinese banquet is all about feasting, when family or old friends getting together to have a long-lasting dinner, usually with at least 10 courses of dishes to ensure a memorable evening. I have yet to have a proper Chinese banquet experience in the UK, as it usually contains difficult dishes from a technique's point of view and required long hours of preparation. However, if one UK Chinese restaurant can pull it off, it has to be Park Chinois. The luxury fine dining Chinese restaurant has fast become my personal favorite of mine, thanks to its uses of top-grade ingredients with a team of top chefs. For my sixth time at Park Chinois, I opted for a banquet style menu, prepared specially by the kitchen. 

Saturday 15 June 2019

The Ledbury

Still the champ

Lobster, shitake, asparagus

For the regular readers of my blog, I am sure you are aware The Ledbury is my no1 restaurant in London for a fine dining occasion. There is just something special about this place that no other restaurants can match in London. The service is world class for a start, as is the quality of the cooking, which has a perfect balance of creativity, elegance, and taste. Chef-owner Brett Graham has maintained the high standard for over 10 years now and is rare to see a restaurant to be at the top of the game for so many years. For my 12th visit, I opted for the tasting menu, as usual, knowing that I will be in for something really special.

Friday 14 June 2019


Umami whirlpool in Amsterdam

Apple, ginger, walnut, salted caramel

Restaurant 212 is perhaps one of the trendiest restaurants in Amsterdam right now. Launched in 2018 by chef duo Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot who was the dream team behind the then double Michelin starred Bord'Eau. 212 has no formal sitting in the restaurant, instead, it has an open kitchen, surrounded by a bar counter sitting space. The theme is similar in the mood of Kitchen Table and Atelier Joel Robuchon in London. 1 year later, the restaurant has become one of the hottest restaurants in Amsterdam and landed itself a Michelin star along the way. 212 has a tasting menu, as well as a short a la carte menu for those people who wish for only a few dishes with limited time.

Sunday 9 June 2019

Alyn Williams at the Westbury

Top notch modern European fine dining

Devonshire duck

To keep heading back to the same restaurant, I would say the restaurant has to be great value for money, and service has to be top notch too, especially for fine dining level. I only have such loyalty for a few restaurants in London, and Alyn Williams at the Westbury is one of them. The Michelin starred fine dining restaurant is slowly becoming a favorite of mine, I really enjoy the modern, light and fresh approach in its modern Europen/ French take on fine dining. Below are some of the highlights from my sixth and seventh visits.

Saturday 1 June 2019


Modern seasonal British flair

Brill, swiss chard, gooseberry

I have been to Lyle's when it was very launched back in 2015. I got to say, the experience was rather underwhelming, while the food was pretty decent, it was really nothing special. I was really puzzling while it gained so much positive media attention, as well as landing a Michelin star and entered into the World's 50 Best restaurant list, ahead of venues such as The Ledbury and Midsummer House. 4 years later to 2019, I have returned for a lunch occasion, and wonder how much it has changed. Surely, with all of the high praises from both consumers and trade professionals, they are doing something right.

Duddells' London

Smart modern Chinese dining joint in London Bridge

Abalone rice with shimeji mushroom and asparagus

Located in the busy district of London Bridge, just a few yards from the station, Duddells is one of the many Chinese restaurants in London, but one that has a well-regarded reputation. Whenever you search online to look for top-class Chinese restaurant in London, the chance is that Duddell's would be one of the first to be recommended. The cuisine is based on Cantonese style, with a few modern and western element in the mixed, all using premium ingredients. This is my fifth visit to the restaurant, as I kept heading back, slowly working my way to try out all the dishes from its menu. For this time, I picked a few dim sum as starters, followed by a selection of dishes from its a la carte menu to sharing with the table.

Casa do Frango

Regional Portuguese cuisine in London Bridge

Half chicken with lemon and garlic

Apart from a few vegan friends, I have yet to find someone who is not a fan of Nando's. The chicken chain is decent value for money and has done a great job in making piri piri chicken such an iconic dish in the UK. You might wonder, what would be the upgrade of Nando's infamous piri piri chicken, and I have found the answer in Casa do Frango, an Algarvian casual restaurant in London Bridge, serving regional Portuguese food. The menu is simple, you have the house special chicken cooked on an open fire, as well as a range of sharing dishes, tapas style. Portuguese cuisine is such a beautiful but underrated cuisine in the UK and I was excited to see what Casa do Frango is capable of.