Sunday 20 February 2022

The Ledbury

Good to be back

Egg, truffle, pig trotter

When The Ledbury decided to shut down back in 2020 due to Covid, it was a sad moment for me as I personally feel it is the best fine dining restaurant London has on offer. There is a reason when I first discovered it back in 2012, I became a super fan and managed to visit there every once or twice each year. 10 years later, after 14 visits, I was overwhelmed with joy that chef-owner Brett has decided to reopen the restaurant with an interior makeover. He has also got his core front-of-house team back in town so it was just like the old days. It only offers a tasting menu and I was really excited to see what will The Ledbury be serving in its new form.

Saturday 12 February 2022

Park Chinois

 Sweet 16

Duck de Chine

To celebrate Chinese New Year, a Chinese banquet-style feast with a large group of friends is a must, and it was easy for me to pick Park Chinois as the ideal venue for such an occasion. The upmarket,  modern Chinese restaurant is a favorite joint for me whenever I seek somewhere special. The cooking level is at the highest standard and easily is the best Chinese restaurant in London. Since the turn of the year, the chef team has added some new dishes so Chinese New Year was the perfect occasion to try out some of the new dishes, as well visiting some classics.

Quality Chop House

The real meat champion

Pork head and walnut mayo

For those who have been following my blog, a meal inside the Quality Chop House's private room is something I have been doing every once in a while whenever I am able to gather a group of meat lovers. The Quality Chop House is my no1 steaks and chops restaurant in London. I enjoy the vibe, the cooking, and the chef has done a good job sourcing really fine quality meat cut from across the UK. The private room is a great space for a mini gathering when you have the room all to yourself and at a cost of £65 for food. The set menu offers a range of sharing starters, followed by a meaty main course and dessert.

New Fortune Cookie

Old school Cantonese joint

Stir fry ginger and spring onions lobster with noodles

Queensway London is my secret location for affordable and quality Chinese food, while Chinatown is great and you are flooded with so many choices, I personally found the Cantonese restaurants in Queensway are a touch better and cheaper at the same time! The most affordable joint there is without a doubt New Fortune Cookie, and the restaurant is all about traditional Cantonese dishes, it has a special 'Chinese menu' that contain dishes more catered for the local Chinese as it contains dishes that some locals might find it a bit too much, such as roasted pigeon and pig intestine.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Singapore Garden

Singaporean classic

Black pepper butter crab

I have eaten at many Chinese restaurants in London, but I am keen to explore other South East Asian food, yet I was struggling to find what is considered to be an authentic  Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant. Iconic dishes such as black pepper crab and chicken rice are just some of those dishes I really missed since these dishes are not as widely available in the UK compared to Chinese food. I came across Singapore Garden after being recommended by a local Malaysian chef, so I had high hopes that it will turn out to be a spectacular discovery.