Sunday 14 August 2022

Noble Palace

 Hidden palace

Drunken chicken, jelly fish, smoked fish

When is the last time I encountered a high-end restaurant that has no website, no menu, and lack any info online? The high-end Chinese fine dining Noble Palace is just that. The no-menu concept venue in St James Park, which has opened recently fits my need perfectly. You can tell the restaurant what you would like to have, and they will try to come up with a menu for you. They are able to do most of the iconic Chinese dishes. For my recent visit, I pre-ordered a crab dish and a lobster dish, and allow the kitchen the freedom to create something special for me.


Wellington feasting

Chicken liver parfait tartlet, hazelnut & cherry

I have been visiting Portand since it was first launched back in 2015. From the same people behind the legendary Quality Chop House, Portland focuses on fine dining, but in a more relaxing manner, which was a pretty new thing back then. Clearly, it works out as the restaurant has since landed a Michelin star. I have tried both its regular a la carte and tasting menu, but I was interested to give its feasting menu a go. So for my third visit, I gathered a few foodies and book its private dining room.

Sushi Kamon

Omakase, casual sushi style

Raw fish selection for the omakase

Fine quality sushi is hard to come by in London. Back in Japan, a high-end sushi restaurant would normally host no more than 10 people per seating, with a chef offering a set menu (omakase) to the guests, with everything created in front of the guests, and is considered a luxury experience in Japanese culture. In London, there are less than 5 sushi bars that offer something similar, but all at a sky-high price north of £100 per person easily. Opened by the Yashin restaurant group, Sushi Kamon is somewhat operating against the trend of having a sushi bar inside a food court, in an informal manner and a set menu at £45 for 10 sushi.