Friday 1 April 2022

The Ledbury

The peak of London fine dining

Lobster, caviar and cauliflower

I can believe this is my 16th visit to The Ledbury, the fine dining restaurant has had a makeover since relaunched back in early 2022. 
One thing I really enjoy about the place is that, unlike many other fine dining restaurants, it doesn't care much for unusual or wacky concepts, and is all about prime ingredients, cooking to perfection with smart flavours combination. This means I can revisit often when I am in search of great tasting food, with a regularly changing menu. Places like Dinner by Heston, with a menu largely remain the same for over 5 years, not somewhere I would head back in a hurry.


 Old school Basque fine dining charm

Smoked mackerel, anchovies and olives

On my latest trip to San Sebastian, I went with a dining theme in mind as everything I booked, are traditional venues that offer classic cooking without much creativity or gimmicks. Classic is classic for a reason after all. Located just outside of San Sebastian, Zuberoa is a traditional Basque restaurant within a little town called Oiartzun, which is about 20 mins ride if you take a taxi from San Sebastian's old town. The Arbelaiz family has turned this rustic and charming Michelin starred restaurant into a dining destination, routed deep in classical Basque-style cuisine, using the finest ingredients from around the Basque region.


 Basque old school griller 

1.1kg turbot

Back in 2021, I somehow managed to be able to secure a table at the infamous Elkano and I was fallen in love with the simplicity of open fire grilling using the freshest seafood. Therefore, on a recent trip to San Sebastian, Saltxipi is the perfect type of restaurant to visit. Located on the east side of the city, by the doorstep of the way of St James trail, Saltxipi is an old-school traditional Basque griller (opened back in 1985) that sources local seafood and simply cooked on an open fire. 

Bar Nestor

Legendary for a reason


Whenever I make a trip to San Sebastian, a meal at Bar Nestor is always on the agenda. I have been there 5 times now, the little bar inside the Old Town is not like your typical pintxo bar. They only do a few things but do them exceptionally well, they have the legendary tortilla which there are only 16 portions per service, many would rate it the best tortilla you can find in the world. Besides tortilla, tomatoes, peppers, and rib steak are on the menu, the perfect package for a casual yet flavoursome meal.

Casa Julián

 Txuleta kingdom

Casa Julián

Casa Julian is a little family fun steak restaurant in the Southern part of the Basque Country in Spain. There are plenty of amazing steak restaurants within San Sebastian so to travel an extra mile out of town, it has to be a very special reason for me. Located in a small town called Tolosa, which takes 40 mins train ride from San Sebastian, Casa Julian is highly regarded as one of the finest steak houses in the world. The restaurant sources old-aged dairy cows from the region, before slow grilling using its in-house bespoke device. Unlike the high heat blasting method which most places would cook steak normally.