Saturday 25 June 2022

Restaurant einsunternull Berlin

 Technical supreme fine dining joint

Char, salad, brown butter

To round off my Berlin trip on a high, I happened to pick Einsunternull for a few reasons, it is only a 1 min walk from my hotel. Another factor is if I compare the food presentation to other Berlin Michelin-starred restaurants, it appears its refine level is a notch above most, visually very impressive. The restaurant label itself approaches cooking in the Berliner manner with a creative touch, as I am a tourist with a very open mind, I was more than happy just to sit back and see what Einsunternull has to offer me.

Cordo Berlin

Casual vibe with innovative food

canapes of sturgeon, shrimp and wagyu

Unlike Spanish, Italian, or French cuisine, German cuisine is hardly on travelers' top list to try, so it wasn't easy for me when I was researching where to eat when I got a trip to Berlin. Interestingly enough, Germany has more Michelin-starred restaurants than the UK, and far more 3 stars too. While Berlin is not the biggest city in Europe, and most things are within walking distance, it is packed with restaurants, many new Asian concepts, and high-end western venue openings. I came across Cordo as somewhere close enough to the center and has a casual vibe despite being a high-end venue with a tasting menu only format, but in a very relaxing manner with no dress code, just what I need in the summer when wearing a shirt and jacket is a tough demand.

Saturday 18 June 2022

Park Chinois

Dim sum heaven

Iberico pork puff

Dim sum lunch on a weekend is perhaps one of the most popular things to do as a family outing in the Chinese community, but for me, I will always find time for a dim sum occasion. The standard dim sum you can find in Chinatown London is enjoyable, but if you are looking for a next-level dim sum experience, Park Chinois is the place for you. The Mayfair fine dining joint use top-notch ingredients, such as Iberico pork and wagyu beef, and all handcrafted skillfully by a team of very experienced chefs, all made freshly on the day. For my 17th visit, I noticed there are a few new dim sum items and that is what I ordered, along with a few classics.

Wednesday 8 June 2022


Lisbon in London

Grilled Carabineiro

Portuguese restaurants are hard to come by in London, for some reason, it does not get the love like Spanish cuisine but I found Portuguese is just as good and exciting as Spanish. I recalled when chef Nuno Mendes launched Taberna do Mercado in Spitalfield Market in East London back in 2015, it was something so new in London and to these days, I still found it to be the best Portuguese restaurant in London, despite it being closed down already. Fast forward to 2022, Nuno is back with a new concept Lisboeta, offering a slice of Lisbon food culture to his new restaurant, I was generally really excited to give it a go. The menu center around many small plates, with four dishes that are ideal to share.


Taste of Andalusia

Lobster seafood rice

Great quality Spanish cooking is hard to come by in London, there are many Spanish restaurants around but few do it to a level that can rival its homeland. Located inside the modern and trendy Mondrian Hotel in Shoreditch, Bibo appears to be a Spanish restaurant that means serious business. Chef Dani Garica had 3 Michelin stars to his name with his Restaurant Dani Garica in Marbella, which is now closed. He is now working on many casual concepts around Spain as well as aboard, including Bibo in London, offering a taste of Southern Spanish cuisine in Shoreditch. Bibo's menu is mostly small tapas plates with some large sharing dishes from the grill and rice session.