Saturday 11 November 2017

Ceru South Kensington

The taste of Eastern Mediterranean coast

Lamb Shoulder

Lately, I have been dining out at European restaurants very often, so is good to switch it up a little to try something different. Ceru is a Middle Eastern themed restaurant offering the taste of Levant region so this could be anything from Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel to Turkey. This is actually my second time trying Ceru after having experienced its pop up restaurant in The City a while back. It was an enjoyable occasion and that was the main reason I have decided to visit the South Kensington venue. The dining room contains an open kitchen with bar counter sittings for walk-in. It has a really modern and casual feel to it and it was buzzing and busy on my visit.

The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen

Seafood joint in Covent Garden

Oysters time!

Newly launched in the summer, as the name would suggest, The Oystermen is a seafood bar that is specialising in fresh oysters. The tiny Covent Garden joint is located on Henrietta Street and somehow has made into the no1 ranking on Tripadvisor for London restaurants, not that it really matter anyway as the site is loaded with fake reviews. I decided to pay a visit as I am a massive oyster addict, and central London really lacks a proper good old fashioned oyster bar. True that there is the like of classic choices such as J Sheekey and Bentley's, but these joints are much premium and formal and I am seeking something a bit more casual.