Sunday 30 June 2013

The Harwood Arms

How a great pub should be

My second visit to the only pub in London with a Michelin star, having really enjoyed my last visit back in a hot summer day in 2012, I returned 1 year later with a few friends after a long day in the office. Located on the quiet neighbourhood of Fulham, The Harwood Arms is a gastropub famous for its game and venison. Co-owned by my favourite chef, the legendary Mr Brett Graham of Ledbury (This guy is cooler than The Rolling Stones!) and Mike Robinson.

So on to the food, the choice is a la carte style of starters, mains and desserts. As a pub, they got some very interesting beer and it's well worth trying a pint or two as they are brands that you won't come across all too often. We were given some bread before our starters, the soda bread was of very high quality, soft and full of flavours, it won't look out of place in a fine dining restaurant.

Honest Burger

Best burger in town?

The London burger trend has showed no signs of slowing down, we are seeing new burger places opening up left and right for more than 1 year now. With so many burger joints around in London, where to go for a good quality burger? I went to Honest Burger in Soho for the first time last year when it just opened, I wasn't expecting much as a burger is a burger at the end of the day. But that visit changed my views...
The menu

Burger & Lobster

Lobster fun

Burger & lobster is one of the success stories from 2012, from the same company behind the famous steakhouse Goodman. Burger & lobster provide only 3 items on the menu: Burger, whole lobster or lobster roll, all at £20. It has become such a hit in London now that it's normal to see people queuing up to 2 hours to get a table. (They don't take bookings unless you have more than 6 guests) When I had my first visit back in the Winter last year at the Soho branch (there are four Burger & lobster restaurants, Mayfair, Soho, city and Farringdon), it took me over 2 hours to get a table and this time I learnt a tip from a friend of mine who is a regular...

Friday 14 June 2013


Nice to know you

My second, and sadly, my last ever visit to Roganic. (First visit here) The two years pop up finally came to an end with all tables booked up months in advance, Simone Rogan has created such a stunning little pop up restaurant in Blandford Street, I was so glad I managed to get hold of a table to experience his top notch British cuisine one more time.

This time around we went for the 10 course menu, the menu had completely changed from my last visit which I think is essential for a top end restaurant, you work with what is fresh and in season rather than a fixed menu. Below are the stand out dishes for the evening in text:
amuse bouche 1
amuse bouche 2

Sunday 9 June 2013

Alyn Williams at the Wesbury

Great value fine dining  

My second visit to Alyn William's single Michelin starred restaurant in the smart address of Mayfair within the 5 stars Westbury Hotel. I am a big fan of Alyn, voted national chef of the year in 2012 at the Restaurant Show and probably one of the most down to earth and friendly chef in the business. My previous visit back in late 2012 was the reason why I went back, it was a solid dinner with quality service, totally deserved it single star which was awarded back in September last year.
amuse bouche

The décor is typical modern luxury hotel setting with plenty of spaces between each tables and high ceiling. Just like last time, we went for the tasting menu but a lot has changed since then. Unlike most restaurant with bread basket pre made and ready for all the diners, the bread here was freshly baked for each table which is a nice touch and I wish more restaurants start doing that.

Four Seasons Wardour Street

Comforting Cantonese food

Located in China Town, not to be mistaken with the global hotel chain, Four Seasons is an old fashion Cantonese restaurant providing all the usual traditional Cantonese food at a pretty reasonable price, the original branch at Queensway had created bit of a buzz with its famous roast duck and became a hit to the local Chinese in London.

I lost counts how many times I been to the Wardour Street branch, so it is about time to give a proper review for my blog. The decor is standard "China Town style", nothing spectacular but this pretty much apply to every Chinese restaurant in China Town. We had a BBQ dish as a starter, roast duck and crispy belly pork. The roast duck was the clear winner, the skin was crisp and good balance of fat between the meat and the skin, the meat was earthy, tender with just a hint of five spies and sweetness. The belly pork wasn't overly salty but the skin wasn't crispy enough like how a good roast pork belly should be, it needed mustard otherwise it tasted a little weak on its own.
Roast duck and pork belly
BBQ honey pork with rice

Monday 3 June 2013

Great cocktail bars around in London

London is one of the best cities for top notch cocktails: from classic to creative drinks, vintage to trendy bars, there is something for everyone's taste and for any occasion. 

Below is a list of cocktail bars that ideal for....

For stunning views: Paramount 

Along with the Galvin bar at The Hilton Park Lane, Paramount offers stunning 360 degree views of London cityscape. Located on the 32 floor at Centre Point in Tottenham Court Road, contemporary in design with classic cocktails with a modern twist. Try the Black Star Cobbler and you will be surprised how using port can create such a complex but refreshing cocktail.
Picture taken from

Sunday 2 June 2013

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Two stars mystery

My second visit to the London branch of the world renown chef Joel Robuchon's empire. Contemporary red and black décor with a Japanese inspired open kitchen and counter, this concept has spread around the world from Asia to America and won him a good number of awards and multi Michelin stars. My first visit back in 2012 was bit of a let down with average food and services. But considered the high rating and reviews it has from the media and fair amount of bloggers, I was wondering did I went there on a bad day so off I visit there again to hope for some high level gastronomy experience.

Seated at the ground floor overseeing the kitchen, we went for the four courses menu. Just like last year, we were given an amuse bouche of Parmesan cappuccino with port reduction and foie gras. This was a lovely nibble of  sweet and fruity port reduction sandwiched between two earthy and flavoursome ingredients. All three elements worked perfect together and the bread was also a real treat. The black olive bread was the winner of the lot, soft with great depth of aroma. 
Parmesan cappuccino with port reduction and foie gras