Sunday 12 April 2020

Casa Morales (Seville)

Classic tapas 

Octopus and paprika

When you visit Seville, a trip to a traditional tapas bar is a must. There is so many tapas bars around the city so it is not easy to find the right one for sure. Casa Morales appeared on so many websites so it seems like it was no brainer for me to give a try. It is a traditional tapas bar located near the stunning Seville cathedral so it was a great spot for me when I was doing my sightseeing around the city. The menu is big, with a large selection of cold cuts, egg-based dishes to canned food and hot tapas. The cool thing is that you can order most dishes in tapas, standard or main course size, so you can end up trying many dishes if you keep going for the tapas.

Marinated mussels
Tuna loin and tomatos
Cuttlefish balls

The mini tuna loin sandwich was an average dish for me, it had some tinned tuna meat with tomato and placed on a slice of bread that dressed with olive oil, it was pretty standard and I found the tuna could have more seasoning. The signature dish of Casa Morales is the octopus and I was a big fan of it, the garlic and olive oil ratio was perfect. The octopus was super tender and well seasoned, it was faultless. Every single tapas bar in Seville does a pork cheek dish and Casa Morales' version was pretty awesome, the meat had a melting texture and the meat sauce was rich and packed with a wonderful meaty and tomato taste.

Pork loin with cheese sauce
Padron peppers
Sirloin in Roquefort sauce

Casa Morales' cooking was far from refined but it was enjoyable, the rustic approach, together with its traditional decor, made it a really popular venue for both travelers and locals. Our waiter didn't really speak much English but that shouldn't be an issue as they do have an English menu, and they are also super friendly and try their best. Last but not least, this place is really great value for money with most dishes cost less than 3 Euro, so you can easily eat like a king at Casa Morales without needing to up your credit limit.

Food 3/5

Average cost without drinks and services:

Calle García de Vinuesa, 11, 41001 Sevilla, Spain

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