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Four unique cocktail bars in London

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Locate in Earl's Court, about 5 mins walk from the station, a very hidden venue which is really creating a buzz in the area thanks to the special entry system. 

You must book for an "appointment" and you will be greet by the "bouncer" in an office and you must name your "reason" in order to get an "appointment" to see the "detective". I don't want to give away too much information, as this is what makes this place special. The bar is in a 50/60s style of New York/Chicago, which really gives the bar a "Mad Man" feels to it especially with its dark lighting and old school furniture. 
Evans & Peel Detective Agency

The cocktails here are New York style with a modern twist, it is good but not quite to the level of top bars such as Artesian, and it is not cheap either. Service was warm and friendly, overall it is well worth a visit to enjoy the unique concept and the special ambient. And if you work near the area it is a great place for an after work relaxes drinks, as it has a no standing policy.

310c Earl's Court Road
London SW5 9BA

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A rather new cocktail bar in China Town, providing innovate cocktails with oriental influence as well as Chinese Dim Sum. This is one of the funniest cocktail bar I been to in London with its very unique cocktails and Eastern décor.

This is a very hidden place and you will struggle to locate it, as it has no door sign at all, just a black door next to a Chinese restaurant. The only clue you got is the bouncer in front of the door. It is very important to book in advance otherwise it is unlikely the bouncer will let you in unless you visit super early like we did. The bars are on the 2nd and 3rd floor and you have Chinese candles burning on the way to the bars to give you bit of an "oriental" feel to it. 

The drinks here are smashing, Opium No 2 was the highlight, almost like a "Zombie" make over with the Jamaican rum and the usual tiki ingredients, however the presentation was fun with the use of special glassware and use of liquid nitrogen, and it taste a touch more bitter and sweet than your usual zombie. The Big bubbles in little China was basically an alcohol infused bubble tea which I really enjoyed.
Opium no2

I recommend this place if you love cocktail and searching for something different, price is not cheap but then again, no other place in London right now are providing similar drinks, so definitely well worth a visit!

Opium 15-16 Gerrard Street

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Portobello Star

Locate in the ever popular and trendy Portobello Road in Notting Hill, we have the Portobello Star which was voted 27th best bar from the Drinks International Magazine.
This place love gin, in face they love gin so much they got a gin still installed in the bar, which you can blend your own gin here, how awesome is that?!
Clover club

The gin cocktail here are top class, I had the Clover club which is properly one of the best Gin base cocktail I had in London, the taste was so fruity and refreshing but still manage to retain the characteristic of gin. This place really master the art of making gin cocktail and if you love gin, I can't think of a better place other than this one in London, and the price is very reasonable too, a great discovery!   

171 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill, 
London W11 2DY


The first and only Japanese Whisky bar in London. Hidden under a Japanese restaurant, it has a relax and cosy feel to it. What is so special about this place? Well they have the largest collection of Japanese Whisky in London, some so rare that you will struggle even searching at Whisky Exchange, plus they have a large list of iconic Japanese whisky base cocktail.

I went there in an early evening and the place was pretty busy already, each table will be serve a jar of still water in a Hibiki bottle, I ordered a Hakushu sour and it was my first time having a whisky using Japanese whisky, and it was a delight! The citrus note was perfect and the lightly peated malt and body of the whisky slowly appearing on the finishing, a very good sour indeed.
Hakushu sour

Price is not cheap with most cocktails around the £10 mark and most whisky at £12 plus, however the quality are there and the service was great, this place is a must for serious whisky drinkers, and to top it up you can order Japanese BBQ food from the restaurant upstairs, perfectly match with the Whisky.   

16 Old Compton Street, 
London W1D 4TL


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