Sunday, 15 September 2013

Clockjack Oven

Rotisserie delight

Premium fast food on the rise? We seen the never ending burger trend for over a year and now the chicken concept is also on the rise, Having eaten at Chicken Shop last month I was really impressed with how great rotisserie chicken can be given using the right ingredients and seasoning, I dashed off to Clockjack Oven in Soho to experience more chicken goodness having seen some positive reviews on line as well as recommendation by the people in the industry.
Clockjack Oven
The decor

I am a fan of the decor, mixture of table settings which suit lone diners, groups or couples with plenty of open space. We ordered a bit of everything off the menu, starting off with some BBQ wings and chicken bites. The wings were well marinated, very robust and rich in smoky and sweet flavours. What was even better were the chicken bites, marinated in buttermilk and lightly fried. Not overly crispy with a nice softness in the middle, it was wonderful to pair it with the ranch sauce. 
BBQ wings and chicken bites

The star of the show, rotisserie roasted chicken was such a delight, the meat was super tender and moist with great neutral meaty flavours of the chicken, the chicken was lightly seasoned and just enough to carry the beautiful succulent taste without overpowering it. The chicken house salad was also lovely, refreshing flavours with a hint of sweetness from the apple to balance off the savoury taste from the sage and onion balls.
rotisserie roasted chicken
chicken house salad

All in all it was a lovely experience, great food with a similar price tag to Nandos but 10 times better in quality. If I have to make a direct comparison to Chicken Shop, I found Clockjack Oven has a little edge given the light seasoning style, the chicken itself has no where to hide so the chicken has to be of prime quality and perfect execution in the cooking progress. If you're a fan of Nandos, go to Clockjack Oven and you might well be wondering why you like Nandos in the first place.

Food 5.5
Service 6
Ambience 5
Value 7

£23 per head

14 Denman St, LondonUK W1D

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